Sunshine Stars Football Club: An unparalleled muster of Doltishness  

Yesterday’s blog came in late. It wasn’t written late, it just got shared late. We are sorry. If however you still haven’t seen it, you can find it here. We sat out the action and it did happen all across the centers where NPFL teams had football tasks. More indeed for our Continental Contingent that had a win, a draw and a defeat in the three fixtures they were involved in. We could come to that on a later date. 

It’s wrong to start the week seething with anger and bitterness but it’s a very strong emotion around me at this time. At the start of the season, we wrote a letter to the referees. Enjoining them to be brave and carry out their duties with the professionalism it deserves. We also wrote a letter to club owners, pleading with them to comport themselves and their fans in a civilized manner. We even promised to reward them in our own way. 

And as the season has worn on, we hadn’t heard of any violence till Pillars traveled to Akure yesterday. First and foremost, I’m not a fan of Sunshine Stars. If there’s an NPFL club I detest, Sunshine Stars is right at the top of that infamous list. It’s nothing personal but I dislike that football club. Maybe it’s something personal, whatever. But a club that posts violence every season, can’t be loved. 

So Pillars battle their way to a goalless draw against Sunshine Stars and all of a sudden, it becomes a crime. This is the same Sunshine that have picked away points this season in Umuahia and Owerri. They got away draws against us in Port Harcourt two seasons ago and in all these situations, nobody touched anyone. 

But yesterday, as Kano Pillars defended their lives away and got away with a point, the idiocy and stupidity of that football club came to the fore. Their hypomnesia and nirvana mixed with an insane amount of doltishness reached the highest heights. They descended of the center referee and his assistants and they received some pummeling. A picture soon appeared on social media showing the damage. 

To rub salt to the injury, some cretin had the effrontery to come on social media to justify their actions. I guess that’s one disadvantage of social media. Giving dimwits a platform to have a say. If the country won’t hold you responsible for your actions, you want to look at your kids tomorrow and tell them you killed someone’s daddy because of a football match, Muttonhead! 

These acts have got to stop and I mean it in the strongest terms possible. If the LMC gives these guys any suspended ban then they also are a part of the problem. How many times has Sunshine Stars been treated with gloved hands? What exactly forbids anyone from giving them half a season long ban away from Akure seeing that they do this every other season? 

I wish these decisions were in my power, heaven knows I’ll ban that football club for a whole season. I mean if you don’t watch your team play for a whole year, you will learn and understand how animals are supposed to behave themselves when they are among human beings. 

From my heart, I wish you guys a very very long ban. 

Back tomorrow, 



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