He’s back! Yep, Long live the king 

Good morning Guys, 

Today, we chew over Mfon Udoh. Our prodigy and currently Nigeria League’s Goal King. Yes, I know the last part of that sentence rings untrue since it now feels like it was about half a century ago but until the record gets taken from him, he’s still the man. He’s been out of action since the end of last season and into this one but thankfully, according to news from the club’s media outlet, he is back and roaring to go. 

You can say this blog likes Mfon Udoh. Just like it did Nzube and now to Ikouwem and Franco (that’s if you’ve been watching us quite closely more recently). But that doesn’t mean they are immune to criticism. I do stand to be corrected but we still dish it out when needs be. There are a few too though who will feel like we were regularly too cruel on them like a certain…no name calling Sam. 

So Mfon is finally off his most current latest injury layoff. Here are quotes from his interview; 

“It has been a very difficult period for me, I must confess. Coming from injury, back to training right now. At first, when I had the injury, I thought I was never going to play again, because of the severe nature of the injury. Honestly, sometimes, I would wish I could borrow someone’s legs to go and play.”

 “You can’t just stay away. You have a hunger for the game, as a professional, and sometimes staying outside and watching my colleagues play, I thirst(ed) for the game. It made me want to come back as quick as I could. I have to applaud our medical crew, they have been awesome. From the beginning of the injury, they were there for me, they made sure I underwent all the necessary treatment. I’m so grateful to the players too, who have been supportive.”

“The inability to score goals in the team right now, I think it’s because we’re just starting. We have a bulk of new players getting to know each other. I think, as time goes on, we’ll blend. “But as for me I’m going to try my best. I’m going to join in, join forces with my players, and make sure we try as much as possible not to put the fans under pressure. I’m so glad right now that I’ve gotten back to my feet, I’ve started training, and I believe I’m going to come up strong. The most important thing is just to help my team.”

It’s more than welcome news for us especially also with the return of the CHAN contingent. For Mfon, he has become our poster boy and more than just that, he has equally supplied the goods – finishing last season as our top goal scorer as well. There’s just this unspoken expectation from fans that if we needed the goals and Mfon is on the pitch, we would score. 

We do know though that it’s much more than that. Mfon would need to keep himself fit and work himself all the way to the right rhythm. Like I’d always preached on this blog, there’s still some stuff in him yet to bubble to the fore. I know many claim he’s gone past his best, I for one believe if he can keep himself inspired and motivated, he can still outdo his record breaking season. 

I believe that to be a top athlete you would have to take good care of yourself. Your body, you mind and your inspiration. Because guess what? Without these three, you’re suddenly as important as any other man walking down the street. Factor in also how short a footballer’s career is. It’s over before you know it and if you hadn’t prepared adequately for it, you’re going to find it hard to pay for a night in a hotel room. And you didn’t get a college degree either, so getting a decent job becomes near impossible. 

We can pray all we can, but you have to look after yourself. Rid yourself of the lifestyle that presents itself a barrier to attaining your goal as a top athlete. It equally applies to every other area of life. How hungry are you to be top of the pile again? 

Back tomorrow, 



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