Getting ready for the Continent. 

Good morning Guys, 

I pray this post is short. I pray I’m able to control my impulse to just keep blabbing, why? Because I have to go to bed. I wake up at 5am and it’s almost 1am. Four hours of sleep is not enough, unless of course you’re Jack Bauer. But I’m not Jack Bauer and I do have quite a very busy Friday ahead of me. That and 7 inches of snow outside my door.

We are going to sit out action this weekend as the CAF Champions League and Confederations Cup gets underway. We should be part of the Continental contingent but recent and consistent successes mean we have a bye for this first weekend. Our scheduled weekend opponents Plateau United are one one other three campaigners in action. 

All of this gets me thinking. The Continental campaign finally starts here. But how ready are we? Not only as an NPFL quartet but for us Enyimba, how set are we for the Continent? We have had a fair share of troubles – especially infront of goal. If this weekend came upon us as a CAF preliminary round. How would we fare?

I’m not trying to sound negative or recreating a negative atmosphere around the club but I guess it’s time we reminded ourselves that “there’s no room for rehearsing on stage”. Stanley Dimgba has bailed us out infront of goals in recent games. If our strikers keep misfiring, we will have a had time in the Continent. 

My point is, I hope Aigbogun 2.0 has got his act together  and he is paying heed to this mini goal drought our strikers are experiencing to fix it. Goals will win matches. And I doubt that Dimgba’s freak goal that stunned Abia Warriors will be a weekly thing. Away from home we will be under a lot of pressure if we aren’t scoring goals. 

The best time for us to start getting ready is right now. Because sooner rather than later, we will have an occasion where we are indeed called up and handed an opponent. Then we must show our true colors. 

I really need to go to bed right now. 

Back tomorrow



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