Valentine Special; for you and dOnEuLoVe

Good morning, 

I hope you enjoyed our little CHAN talks for the past couple of days. We’re over the drubbing at Casablanca and our victories in Tangier, Agadir and Marrakech are some tiny little bits of consolation for our hearts. For all of you who missed hearing Enyimba issues, we are back. We missed you too. Lies. 

The barrage of midweek fixtures is finally over so those complaining can finally stop while players can have longer recovery time for themselves. They can you know, get back to the level of football the NPFL is due. Trust me, our league is a very difficult one with its specialties, and you need fresh legs to prosecute your games, especially if you nurse any kind of ambitions whatsoever.

In seven days (sounds like a movie title), it will be February 14th. Oh well, six days for some but whatever, it’s February 14th soon. This year’s is already packed with all kinds and forms of activities. For those who may not know it for anything else other than St. Valentine’s Day, it is Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of the Lenten season, The French league champions will play the Spanish League champions and Nigeria’s biggest club will host the defending champions of the NPFL.

Yep. We found a way of joining the big guns all around the world who play on Valentine’s Day. We were expected to host high flying Plateau United this weekend in Calabar but for their first ever CAF Champions League game, the game gets moved to the next midweek. That means we have a longer time to recover and get one over them. In other words, we don’t even have any good enough excuses to not take this three points. 

If there is any match we need to win in a bid to make a statement, this is it! …and what an emphatic statement it will be if we win convincingly too. In Patience Ozokwo’s voice…”They’re now the team to beat, see Plateau United of yesterday o!” Ah well, we have become part of the chasing pack…Oh my dear Enyimba. 

Let us dream a little bit. Close your eyes for a minute and picture yourself watching Enyimba vs Plateau United at our fortress in Aba. It will gift us a chance to show our darling club how much we love her and we know she will always reciprocate such lovely gestures. Calabar residents have a chance to experience that show of love from our club and I guess they can grab it with all four limbs. At least for now. 

Where would you rather be on the 14th of February? Won’t you fancy a date with us? And don’t worry about your date, the other one. She is allowed to come along too!

Back tomorrow.


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