Enyimba: don’t kid yourself, we will be around for a long long time

Good morning Everyone, 

It’s one of those days. 

I woke up one day and decided to start blogging on ThatEnyimbaFan. To me, it was fun and an opportunity for me to express my love for the club, help nurture interest in this club and to help ensure that fans have something to read every morning when they came on social media. Nobody was paying me for it nor was I making any money off it. Yet. 

I carefully and diligently grew my readership and what you can call fan base. On a daily basis I sought to update fans and others alike on information regarding the club, because at the time, the club was doing less than nothing to help with that. My dedication, consistency and sincerity in my reportage meant more and more people stopped by to read everyday. 

I was not paid at any time to promote the club or any of the players. No club official/executive/exco has at any time offered any money in the name of, “Thank you for the good job you are doing on your blog”. Nor am I expecting it, why? Simple, it throws away the sincerity the blog is founded upon. It ruins the very foundation of this blog. 

To maximize reach, I write this blog in the wee hours of the morning or night. Sometimes I’ll have to transcribe interviews, sometimes it literally means squeezing water out of the rock for information about a club that has little or no information on cyberspace. I carry it out with a sense of duty although I’m not paid by anyone to do it. Why? Cos that’s who I am and that’s my attitude to my work. 

This blog magnifys the wins, celebrates the players, offers some adrenaline shot to the team ahead of games, criticizes poor performances and does its best to ensure there is Enyimba content out there. Especially with the club only more recently waking up to her responsibility. 

What’s in it for me? Nothing, except the sheer numbers I see daily. Can I take up Lobi Stars or Yobe Stars and start blogging about them and make an impact with them as well? I dare you that I can. I totally understand the power of social media and the Internet. ThatEnyimbaFan intends to be around for a long long time. 

I am entitled to my views and they are independent. And so does everyone who blogs here. In today’s world, anyone can write whatever they want to write on their website or blog or whatever. I don’t beg anyone to read my posts and although I do appreciate everyone who comes, I actually think you come because you love the work we do here. If this blog wasn’t sincere and independent, I’m very sure it will be long gone and buried a long time ago. All I’m saying is, don’t come any longer if you think we are trash. That’s it. 

I believe I’ve passed out my message for today. Like I said earlier, 

It’s one of those days. 

Back tomorrow, 



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