Crisis at Enyimba? What are you talking about? 

Good morning guys, 

We are back in Calabar as we await our state rivals in yet another derby. We’re having an early baptism of derbies this season – Heartland, Rivers United, Small boys Abia Warriors… These derbies have come in bittersweet packages, we’re yet to lose but also yet to win, some hoodoo we need to put an end to when we face our little next door neighbors on the right, Abia Warriors.

After our draw against our neighbors who live next door, we caught up with the manager, who looked handsome in his sky blue shirt and black trousers, (I love good looks) and he had some few words to share about the game and the next line of action. Aigbogun 2.0 had these to say, “It’s just 5 games in and we’ve only lost one, we’re doing relatively fine. it’s not how we start. We’ll keep building on it. We were very determined from the beginning and saw it through for a result. We want to keep going forward”

One defeat in 5 games in the NPFL is not a bad start. The top teams have also lost at least a game too but just 1 win is not a good record. 2 away points from a possible 9 is on the basis of the NPFL isn’t that bad but we must compliment it a good home form. If we hope to make any headway this season, we have to keep the home front formidable. Our home form must improve.

The team must be focused on not just getting a win but also on dominating our opponents and making our dominance count. We’ve seen lots of chances created but our strikers find it difficult to hit the target. Maybe they need to take some extra shooting practice and who knows, it might improve our fortunes as it did the CHAN team in Morocco.

Also, our first half performances have been good and ought to be sustained or improved. In the few games I’ve seen this season, I have noticed that your full-time result mostly depends on the quality of your first half and we’ve shown impressive in a greater percentage of our first half performances so far. We hope we keep pushing. 

In the Aigbogun 1.0 era, his teams swarm all over you in the first half. We always started out like a house on fire. Chukwude would dance and dribble his way into the area while the likes of Eto and Osadiaye aiding and abetting would contribute to the chaos in the opposition area.

We just have to become more clinical with those early chances while remaining sturdy in the second period. Early in the season, the club said there was no target for Aigbogun 2.0, that had to be some joke. Surely. Moreover the Paul Aigbogun I know isn’t a fool; he has set targets for himself and like we preached early in the season, he is eager to serve everyone that humble pie. 

So we keep improving and like Aigbogun 2.0 said, “we want to keep going forward”, so yea, forward we go. Crisis? What do you mean, crisis? 

Back tomorrow for some derby talk



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