Enyimba: just a tiny little bit of extra

Good morning,
Extras are always more time. No matter how you choose to look at it, it always transcends into more time. More time to enjoy a meal, more time to sit back and relax, more time to understand and pass a course or subject, more time to spend money etc. It all depends on what kind of extra you’re getting.

What if our team needs extra motivation? What if they need to see us present at their games? What if our presence can bring out extra work from them? What if we can help them get confident enough to give us an extra? What if we come out in our numbers to watch them play this Sunday?

Most definitely, our team will get very close to their home ground this season on Sunday. The closest they can be from home, distance wise. The city of Port Harcourt is only 45 minutes of good road away from Aba. They once housed us since we went nomadic and a few fans were always present at our games there.

This time, the team seem to be relieved after the first win of the season and raring to go and get as many points as they can on the road and if we can make them feel at home in Port Harcourt, maybe we can motivate them enough to give us something extra to cheer about.

When last did you see Enyimba play a live game? Who knows? We can turn out en masse and leverage on the lackadaisical attitude of Port Harcourt residents towards watching Rivers United to rival their numbers and cheer our boys to glory.

Something tells me that such support can serve as an extra motivation for an improved performance from our team. Aigbogun 2.0 knows better than letting Aba fans down especially when they are present. 

Let’s give them an extra and expect an extra in return.

Back tomorrow!

‘Enyimba Enyi!


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