Is Aigbogun really in charge at Enyimba? 

Good morning everyone, 

Are we brewing a storm in a teacup or should Enyimba fans be genuinely bothered by the kind of start we have made this season? The debate would rage on and Magic FM’s Jude Ochang a.k.a Oj Ferrari lends his voice. He’s our guest writer today and he airs his views below. 

Over the years, I have either decided to turn a blind eye or sit on the fence on matters relating to our club like Enyimba. I’ve always felt, the people at the helm have the best interest of the club at heart. After the latest result, i have decided to lend my voice on a club I hold close to my heart.

In a league where home wins are crucial, dropping points to Heartland was unforgivable. And subsequently, 2points from a possible 12 tells a lot about the feeling in and around the team. We have had a bad start. I watched the Peoples’ Elephant in Calabar vs Heartland and I was speechless for the entire duration of the game, incomplete passes, lack of chances created and even when they came, they were very poorly executed.

Alalade, Effiom, Udeagha, Chukwude were lethargic and it was evident they were yet to blend, the Chemistry was obviously lacking. But when you remember that this same team didn’t go for a Christmas break, you’d think that making a late decision on the gaffer maybe wasn’t such a smart move.  


Questions have been raised about the tactical awareness of Coach Paul Aigbogun but rather than question his knowledge of d came, considering what he did at Warri Wolves, I will rather question his control of the affairs of the team. Does he weld as much powerful and authority as he ought? I don’t think so. 

I saw moments where seven(7) or more officials stood at the touchline, dishing out instructions to players, now that was totally unacceptable by me. We are having many captains on our ship and the man who should call the shots doesn’t even have the balls to call other officials to order. He didn’t look like he was in control. Not for a bit. 

If the team is to have any positive turnaround, Coach Aigbogun must take the bull by the horn and assert himself firmly as the man in charge. If he is the man in charge, that is. If the games against Nasarawa United(MD 4), Rivers United(MD 5) and Abia Warriors(MD 6) go south, then it wont be bad to think “change” is the next option, and that change must be a man who will not only command d respect of the players, but of the officials who are supposed to show respect to the man in charge.

Sometimes, these little things are what makes the biggest differences. 

Thank you. 

Thanks Oj. 

Back tomorow, 



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