New Enyimba stadium, a tiny little bit of hope. 

Good morning everyone, 

Somebody said, “it’s the hope that kills you”! That nonetheless, we come bearing gifts of hope. 

The team is already in Katsina and ready to battle for three points, yes, three vital points as we continue on our quest for our first win this season, a win which has eluded us due to an Ezekiel Mba penalty in Makurdi and an Ebele Obi masterclass in Calabar. (Is it just me or do you also notice that both players share the same first letter of their first name and also same number of letters in their second names). The Mohammed Dikko stadium can gift us what we expect if our team work towards it. Hopefully, our fairly robust squad can take that. 

The actual ray of light we want to focus on today is our return to our traditional stomping ground, The Enyimba International Stadium in Aba. There were pictures of the contractor, responsible for laying the playing turf, and the governor which the former came out to say that the variations have been sorted out, also going further to give a definite timeline climax. This is the first time we are getting an actual return date and we hope it will be the last.

It is true that all parties involved with the stadium, i.e. the club, the fans and the host city, have only recorded losses since we went nomadic. Anyone who feels otherwise can help me name the gains.

Yes, we finished in 3rd place last season, dropping only 4 points in Calabar but their was no revenue generated instead games came at exorbitant costs. Cost which might have been averted or even reversed with tickets, leveraging on the sold out crowd at our home games. That aside, the Enyimba feeling is no longer at the club. I can’t remember when last an Enyimba player heard the roar of the fans at home games. This spurs players on and gives any team the 12th man home advantage. 

Enyimba fans are gradually getting far away from the club. We find it difficult to properly connect with the club we identify with. Surfing the internet for our results from home games and the privileged few going through the dangers of travelling on the ever awesome Nigerian roads albeit at night just to see our darling team play a “home” game. In all theses, we still hope for a return.

I remember a typical matchday in Aba. It is the talk of the town. Viewing centres are scanty and even the few there still talk about the game. You can see the joy and anticipation written all around the city. The city goes quiet between the hours of 4 and 6 in the evening only to come alive again at the final whistle. This is one of the magical features of the Aba city but we can only hope for a return.

We are still looking forward to that day when we will see our team walk out from the dressing room and play a competitive game in front of us in Aba. We believe that this glimmer of hope will be the end of the dark tunnel of squatting in neighbouring cities.

Congratulations to our CHAN Eagles for their first victory yesterday. There is all to fight for. We hope you fly our flags high enough for glory.

Back tomorrow!



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