Forget the Oriental Derby, let’s talk something more exciting 

Good day Good people, great nation. 

Seeing that you got two blogs yesterday, two blogs that you didn’t deserve, I’m wondering if you should get a blog today. Should you? Maybe not. Or Maybe I’ll let my “mind of Christ” come to the fore. Not like I’ve got another mind that takes over at other times but you know what? Don’t worry about it. You’ll know soon enough if you mess with my kids. 

I’ll like to start up with this-  If you are boss who pays other humans salaries, please be honest with them and always salaries. If you’re in a position of power, don’t play God. Always be nice to people, please. Not just because it’s the right thing to do but you have kids, and these kids would grow up. Someday they will be at the mercy of others. “Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy”. Please, let’s not be instruments of pain to others. Please. 

I have an apology to make. Yesterday’s result got me upset and in that blog I accused the Enyimba Media of not doing their work well. I was wrong and I am sorry. The lineups did have an error – Franco didn’t start, Udeagha did. So it got all confusing for some of us taking stats and taking note of the goings on at the game. But it would be unfair and unjust to slate the Enyimba media just because of that. I learnt it was an error from the guys who write team sheets. 

To be honest, Enyimba has the best media personnel with regards to fan engagement. The description and reporting of live events by the club is second to none all over the country. We can fault the club for leaving the website down for several months, we can fault the club for denying us pictures and videos but it’s not the fault of the personnel behind those social media platforms. Our club needs to let go of their archaic ways of handling their media and some other business. 

Enyimba does not have one top quality HD video camera. The club’s match recordings are done from one camera point. That is a shame. But think about this. What if the club buys top quality video equipment and have them in place for home games (for now) and stream these matches online. Have fans pay a minimum of maybe N500 (and $5 for those abroad) a month to watch Enyimba’s home games. We have fans all over world. We can protect our fanbase, keeping them entertained yet making money at the same time. 

Let’s say you’d have 5000 people sign up. (Don’t think it’s impossible, we have a combined social media following of almost 80,000, so 5000 is less than one ninth of that number). 5000 x 500 = 2. 5 million Naira every month. That’s 25 million Naira income revenue generated annually from Enyimba TV subscriptions. I multiplied by ten months. That is you creating a sponsor for yourself and trust me, there are tones of other ideas. 

Look at the things we claim we cannot do because of a lack of money. If we love this club as much as we assume we do, we can roll in millions for this club. We just have to stop doing little things. If small clubs would have players on their books they don’t own, we can’t be Nigeria’s biggest and most successful clubs yet compete with them in mediocrity when we have the capability to become Nigeria’s biggest producer of top quality footballers. Today, football talents are in high demand all over the globe. 

The reason why we are underdeveloped as a Continent is because we have refused to dare to try out new ideas. If you can’t create fresh ideas, why not start by copying others? People in positions of power are never there forever. Someday some new person will come on board and put new ideas to work and everyone will see how backward things were during your regime. Remedy? Open your heart and embrace change. Changes that will put your name on the bright and shining lights. 

I didn’t plan a lengthy post. I’m sorry but y’all asked me to blog right? Deal with it. 

Back tomorrow guys, 



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