New Season Countdown: Our home for this year and a top midfielder gone 

Good morning Guys, it’s a quick quick post. 

The league returns tomorrow, for us that is. I learnt the Northern Derby between Katsina United and Kano Pillars would be played today. So officially we are stepping into the new season today. And I’m thinking about it- while you can accuse our League of everything negative as you possibly can, you simply can’t ignore the excitement and genuine love we have for our clubs. 

For us at the Enyimba, home games will be in Calabar, where we played all of last season. There was some report by an ignorant vanguard journalist who doesn’t even know the name of the Enyimba club chairman. Ignorant folks who claim to be journalists yet they make such silly errors. 

Look guys I don’t really care what titles anyone is ascribed to, if you can’t be deligent enough to get your facts right, then quietly accept it when people squash your stories or never take you serious. This is a country where majority of the Sports OAPs can’t name eleven players that play in the League. It’s a real shame and yea I know I digress. 

We’ll play our home games in Calabar but I can’t say same for our Continental fixtures. It could be Port Harcourt or Enugu as I believe they are the two closer centers – and Uyo if you want to add that. How we must do our best to return home ASAP. I guess we would just watch and see things open up but I pray whatever things are holding up the Aba stadium get fixed soon. It’s been two years now guys. 

The other sad news is the situation with last season’s signing Togolese midfielder Franco. We did cry for him to be given a run-in in the side and when we eventually did, his quality shone to the fore. Well, we did learn he only signed a short term contract last year and an inability to finalize that means he couldn’t be signed for permanent with us. Franco has left the club and believe it or not, it is a huge blow to us. 

We may never know what transpired with his contract negotiations but our administrators we’d really need to do better with player handling. It is difficult at times, I know, tying up an unknown player or any player at that to a long term deal. Compare what happened with Bashir to what happened with Obiozor. It’s always a risk and it’s pitiful when we don’t end up making the right call. 

Finally for today, I did go head to head with the predictor on the leagues Match Day One fixtures. You can find my predictions here and regardless of how I perform there, I think you should keep an eye on that website for your news both sports related and otherwise. 

That’s all I can serve up today, one more sleep and action resumes for us. 

Back tomorrow, 



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