Countdown to the New Season: A letter to the referees 

Dearly beloved Referees, 

How many of you would get bans this season? How many of you would be the principal subject as fans and football lovers all over the world try to make sense of your decisions? Which of you would be the topic as fans call in on sports radio shows to condemn your officiating? How many of you would get abused and insulted on social media this coming season? I wanna know.

In the recent past, we have seen some ridiculous officiating. Some, so unexplainable and bizarre that the rest of the world’s football community can only shake their heads in disbelief. Nonexistent penalty calls, canceling legitimate goals, shoddy officiating where horrible tackles are overlooked and ignored. We have seen it all especially in the recent past seasons. 

The thing with this generation is that advancement in technology mean the Internet can save videos till your little kids become grown men. Would you be proud to admit to your children that you stand by the ridiculous on-pitch decisions you made that swung match outcomes? Do you guys actually sleep in nicely at night, knowing a video of your performance is making the rounds all over the internet? 

“Home teams put the pressure on you”- does that justify not doing what you were paid to do? It is an insult to your badge if you cannot uphold or defend the laws of the game that you swore to. The Chairman of the home team supporters club might as well put on your uniform and get running round the players with a whistle in mouth. Let’s be honest, pressure from home fans isn’t legit anymore. 

If you cannot do the job you are paid to do, why not resign? Alternatively, why not ask for adequate security and let them know that anything below what you have requested mean the game cannot be allowed to go on. I learnt also that sometimes there is order from above to play out those scripts. Well, there’s a plan for “orders from above” this season.  I’ll stop at that with that. 

Please protect the players. Tackles have to be punished accordingly. If you save a player from a red card, only to watch him destroy another man’s career and source of livelihood with an agricultural tackle, have you done the right thing? Again, some of you face harsh situations in certain venues yet your reports to the league organizers don’t have any such account. 

Are you really helping our football get better? I dare say sirs, but it’s about time we all looked at ourselves and tried to be honest with ourselves. I wish you all the best this coming season. 




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