Countdown to the New Season: Side distractions 

By this time next week, what position would we be on the table? We would have been to Makurdi in our season opener and probably in our way back ready to beat a Heartland side fresh from relegation. 3 points in Makurdi? Can we deliver that? Yes we can. Will we? Ermm, that’s left for the gaffer and his new assembly of players. But I’m super excited about the new season. 

The countdown to the new season continues and tomorrow we will have a letter to another group of people who will influence to a great extent the goings on next season. We’d wait for that and while we do, I can ramble a little bit. I’m not sure how long this post would be but I’ll try to let out as much as I can just so we have things going. 

First and foremost, Congratulations to my friends Solacy and Biola who got engaged at the weekend. When I saw the video…I just went…awwwww. Something watery just forming at the corner of my eyes. Guys they met via Twitter. Twitter o. He clicked the follow button, she followed back. Wait or is it the other way round? Then he slid into her DM and started preaching his gospel. She got engrossed and subsequently raptured by it and here we are…a couple ready to walk down the aisle. Hallelujah somebody? 

My dear readers who have vowed not to find their missing ribs. Chibuzor Amos, Tony Ademodi and Oj Ferari of Magic FM, Fisayo Dairo, Samuel Okoro, Mfon Udoh, Abu Azeez, Nzube Anaezemba, Emma Anyanwu, Samuel Adepoju, Chinatu Jon, Mike the Pundit and the rest of you who are still sowing your wild oats all over the place. Please don’t let 2018 pass you by. Open your eyes. Come and borrow my glasses and do the honorable thing. Please. Thanks. 

Onto football now. I learnt of a football club that couldn’t honour their NNL Super Four because of logistics. Brethren, that is not a good sign. How do you intend to honour your league games if at this stage, logistics won’t let you honour a preseason Championship? Well, just to read the news to you, failure to honour three games, you are out of the Championship. It’s as simple as that. 

I did see a list online of players who are no longer part of the Enyimba setup. We know Kelly Kester is now with Akwa United. Gbadebo Samson has also left, he’s now with Rivers United. Goalless Ismaila Gata has also left and for those who don’t know yet, Nzube my friend is now with Kano Pillars. I’ll remember more and I’ll share on another blog. 

Have a blessed week everyone, Ama see y’all tomorow. 



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