Countdown to the New Season: A letter to club owners 

Dear Sirs, 

Happy New Year and with 7 days to go, I’ll like to say welcome to the 2017/2018 League season. I believe that I don’t have any need to reintroduce myself. Everyone of you know me – I believe, or rather, know about ThatEnyimbaFan blog. It’s that blog most of you wish your clubs had, I’m not being pompous, a lot of you have at different times expressed genuine admiration for what this blog is about. Thank you, thank you for noticing us. 

I want to thank every one of you for your relentless efforts toward the growth of our football in the country. You are at the forefront in the battle for the soul of Nigerian football – domestic and the National team. You are doing a great job and I applaud your efforts. ThatEnyimbaFan on behalf of every football lover in Nigeria salute you. 
A new season is here. Another round of 38 matches and 38 weeks before we crown Enyimba another League Champion. This season, I can read your minds – most of you. We desire progress for our football. We desire that the win-at-home-at-all-costs syndrome dies with the just concluded season. I know that you all desire that controversies and videos/accounts of shoddy penalties end with last season. Thank you. Now let’s make it happen. 
This season, we know that the issue of good player welfare will be paramount for you. The right salaries will be paid at the right time also to everyone deserving of it. You will up your efforts to ensure your players are happy, well taken care of so that they can reproduce the success you desire on the pitch. Providing adequate travel security will also be part of the agenda- thank you sirs. 

Knowing that your team will be “the visiting team” for 19 MatchDays this season, please protect fans, players and officials of the visiting team when you are the hosts. The referees themselves should be shielded from physical abuse. Beyond the football, we are all Nigerians, we are all humans and we all have family members who want us safe and unscathed while earning our money.

This season, ThatEnyimbaFan is offering an award to the club owner whose team is the best in Player Welfare, use of media and Social Media, club FairPlay and behavior of your fans. The award includes a special ThatEnyimbaFan award (that also has a special cash prize), as well as a week-long profiling of your achievements in football, your club and whatever thing you wish highlighted. We will make the right kind of noises you will be proud of. Take it from us. 

So we are on the lookout for you and your team. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, here’s wishing you a beautiful league season. And to the three that will get relegated at the end of the season, accept our sympathies in advance. 




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