New Season prayers for the skipper 

Confidence comes from winning matches and silverware and on the basis of that, I think I really am on my way to being a very good football coach. In fact I can see me in my dark suit and red tie addressing the media ahead of a big kickoff…”I think we have a good chance today. We’ve worked hard all week and we want our fans to go home happy today…”! 

That’s fantasy manager Sam addressing virtual BBC media. If you have never played Football Manager game, you should try it out. Even if you can’t afford the $50 for a full game, try the demo. Get on I know I’m advertising for Football Manager, my reward is great in heaven. Amen 

Mfon Udoh is the theme again today with a quote from the independent about the injury that denied him call up to the final CHAN squad. 

“It is tough for me but I thank God for everything. I must admit that I never expected that injury would keep me out for so long. I actually recovered from the one I had in the Eagles’ camp but I got another. I am happy that I have started light training and that very soon I will start serious training with my teammates”. 

“It was not a pleasant experience at all because I have never been injured for this long before. I know that I can still regain my incredible form. It was a shame that injury thwarted my ambition of having a generally good season. I know things will be different for me this coming season”. 

Mfon Udoh has never been to the CHAN and how I personally would have loved him to light up the Continent at a competition such as the CHAN. Some of us who had been spoiled by his exploits in that record breaking season don’t believe there is a better player in that position in the League. 

Maybe I’m kinda clutching onto the straws here but something within me believes Mfon isn’t finished just yet and there’s much more in there. The talent we applauded that season surely had more in the bag, there’s no way he is all finished. Injuries have had their hand in what he had produced in the past few seasons but there is more in there surely. 

Mfon Udoh can pray and hope for an injury free season, yes. He can also rid himself of whatever distractions blighted his output last year. 12 goals seemed a reasonable returns in an NPFL season but we all know that’s only a little fraction of what is possible. He’s not Nigerian League record goal scorer for nothing. 

Back tomorrow, 



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