Enyimba: gunning for her 8th title 

Good morning Gents and Ladies, 

Someone asked yesterday, if Enyimba was included in Football Manager 2018. The answer is a resounding yes, the trouble however is, there’s no player you’d know on the roaster. You’d see players like Gbolahan Emmanuel, Mohammed Okpokwu, Daniel Efugh, Nasiru Mbah, Godwin Dauda, Nathan Ijeh. Oh there’s Mohammed Agu. 

Do you get the drift? The game manufacturers would assemble tones of first and last names of Nigerian footballers. Then shuffle it all together. We had a player in the league called Gbolahan Salami, we also had Chinedu Efugh former Heartland captain. Of course we do have Fatau Dauda. So that’s what Enyimba and co look like on Football Manager game. 

Speaking of Dauda, there was a post yesterday where he was quoted as saying that Enyimba are favorites for the title this season. 

“I want to win the league title for Enyimba FC next season. If I can win other cups as well, I will be very happy because I want trophies by the end of the season. We’re favourites for it,” Duada told footballmadeinghana.com.“Both Nigeria and Ghana have got talents but the difference is that Nigerian clubs are being financed by the government unlike Ghana Where the clubs have to raise their own funds. So, financially, they are stronger than the Ghanaian clubs,” he added.

Reading his comments, it’s difficult to see how we are favorites but I do like the fact that he is having such thoughts about the team. He’s only about a year old in the team but his maturity and leadership qualities are clear for all to see both on and off the pitch. He had a stormer of a start to his Enyimba career, easily displacing Afelokhai but what caught the eye the more was his performances away from home early in the season. 

So seeing him speak of such targets, gladdens the heart. Isn’t that exactly what this team needs? The senior players writing the vision and making it clear? I do remember an interview I had with Emma Anyanwu a few seasons back when he disclosed that season targets are drummed into Enyimba players from the moment they are signed. So you’re coming in and the targets are clear from the go. 

Winning the title would take more than just quoting it to news outlets but it is a good start. Are we good enough to win it? Technically and tactically? Time will reveal that to us. But again, it’s a good target to have, one we can work on. Hands up if you are backing this team to win the title next season? I most definitely am. 

That’s your lot today, I’ll be back tomorrow. 



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