Enyimba at the CHAN and a few other stories

Good morning Guys and Happy New Year.

I’m staring at my Football Manager team and wondering why my team is losing to Fulham. I’m managing Liverpool and having signed some heavyweights, my strikers are hitting everywhere but the target. It’s baffling to be honest but I think what’s more baffling is how I’m letting a virtual simulated game that I’m playing all by myself affect me in this manner. 

Onto more real stuff now. It’s been quite eventful from an Enyimba perspective and before we go on, I’ll like to apologize that our no-show on the blog was not premeditated. I had traveled for a vacation and left my iPad charger at home. Home was 21 hours away (by road). That’s my excuse and you know I’m sorry. 

Preparations for the new season both domestic and Continental had been top priority and the club in view of this convinced the players to stay put in camp rather than travel for Christmas. No breaks, no traveling, also meant there wouldn’t be cause to look for Christmas fats from rice and chicken to burn off when things resume. Especially when you remember the new season starts just 3 weeks from Christmas. I think it will undo all the work done weeks before. Good call by the club in my opinion. 

 Shit. Fulham just scored again. 2-0! 

Well, in other news, the CHAN list was released yesterday and boy, isn’t it an Enyimba filled contingent? Ezenwa, Afelokhai, Ikouwem, Oladapo and Mustapha. Aside the fact that we are “losing” two goalies to the tournament, I think we are offering a pretty decent amount of firepower to the CHAN contingent. We should offer what we can to help our CHAN cause, the guys at “home” are good enough to keep our campaign on track. 

A few days ago, we learnt there was an agreement signed between the LMC and NTA for televising our league matches. It is laudable- having our games on TV. if DSTV is off the picture, then why not we use what we have? That said, does NTA possess the ability and know how to do this? Otherwise, how can this be managed to produce the sort of excellence we deserve? Our football has the capacity to give our economy some lift- we just have to do what we know we should do. 

Finally, I’ll like to say a thing or two about new year resolutions. You must have made tones of them in the last without success. I’ve learnt, the key is not to target the whole year. Target doing it daily. Just stay committed to doing what you said you will do for today alone. When tomorrow becomes today, go ahead and do what you ought to do for your today. That’s really all that matters. What’s that target you have? Make it a daily affair. You’ll be just fine. 

My team has pulled one back. It’s 2-1 now. 73 minutes. 

Back tomorrow, 



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