Enyimba: isn’t it time we dumped 4-4-2? 

Even though the coverage of the Super 6 by NTA wasn’t the best, it at least gave us the chance to see our darling club Enyimba. I was eager to see what the return of Paul Aigbogun would bring, and the early signs do not show that there will be a lot of difference especially with respect to a change of formation. 

One of the things that has frustrated us fans for a while is the way past coaches have set up the team. On a given Matchday, you wait for the Twitter handle to announce the lineup, and you realise it is a 4-4-2. Immediately all the excitement drains out of you.

Not that there is anything wrong with that formation itself. Every formation is weak in at least one area. For 4-4-2, you only have two central midfielders, and that means you will struggle with marking a midfield three, or even controlling possession. But it has advantages too, so we are not saying it is suddenly bad. 

The point is: why must it always be that formation? I remember Gbenga Ogunbote at Shooting Stars. He played 4-3-3. The moment he got to Enyimba though, he converted to the gospel of 4-4-2. Is it written in the contract of every Enyimba coach?

We know that at Barcelona, for example, 4-3-3 is sacred, even though now their current coach Valverde has changed it due to the injury to Ousmane Dembele. Is 4-4-2 the Enyimba way that can never be deviated from? If truly it is a must that we play that formation, and that is the only one that the coaches practice, why aren’t we better at it? 

Atletico Madrid play 4-4-2, and are so organized in it that the weaknesses are hidden. It is very rare that you see them exposed in midfield, like we were at the Super 6, neither is their attacking style all about crossing.

I watched the match against the CHAN Eagles, and even though the goal was controversial and NTA can make any match boring, they looked like they were on a different planet. Of course, they are supposed to be the best of our home-based players, but that level of difference between the teams wasn’t there when they played other teams.

It may be injuries to blame, or the fact that the team is still new, but it is clear that there is still a lot of work to be done. 

PS. If you have fuel in your car, you could come give me a ride to church this morning, let’s go pray against bad leaders in all quarters. 

Back tomorrow, 



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