Why Aigbogun will succeed this time around as Enyimba gaffer

Good morning Guys. 

There was no post yesterday although a good number of you still visited just to make sure – I couldn’t be prouder. Thank you. Enyimba content is precious and my plans was to with this preseason period do a profiling on the new guys we have got into the team. One everyday would keep the blog ongoing but I just haven’t found a route to them yet. I will. Hopefully. 

I did however find some quotes by the gaffer and I found it a little interesting. Here, below- 

“We are here in Kano to prepare for the new season. Our objective is to get the players in proper shape and also test the new ones too,” begins Aigbogun in a chat with Completesportsnigeria.com.‎ “That we didn’t win the competition here is not a big deal for us. In the first game against Plateau United we played with 10 players for the majority of the game and my boys still dominated and could still have won, but for the late penalty that we conceded.

“Yes, we lost the second game but my boys gave their best. We tried some new players too and if you ask me, I’m totally satisfied with what we have done here even though there is still room for improvement. “Now, we will go home and continue with our preparation for the season and I’m sure we will do better than we did last season.” 

First and foremost I do like Paul Aigbogun as a person. We did share some moments especially during his previous stint at the club. Even prior to my working as part of the club media (then), I always liked him as a person. I think he’s sincere and he loves the game. He loves his teams and he wants them to do well. I’ve also seen him hurt as well and no he’s not rubbish as many project him to be. 

I also reaffirm my stance that for situations beyond our control, such as hiring a coach, all we can do is to support the team. We can’t hope or wish he fails just to make our point. No, we are better than that. The moment any human wears the blue of our club, we support him and challenge him to do better. It’s too early to write him off, it would be counter productive. Unless of course you have the ability to see into the future. 

Mr Aigbogun is not stupid. He of all people knows the perception people have of him especially following his previous stint at the club. He knows more than we ever could what this new opportunity presents for him. This is why I am backing him to succeed. Yes we would need a radical series of consistent performances from him to win us all over but I think he is up for it. 

Why else would he take a job if he doesn’t better he can do better? Does it even make sense? Forget about the talk that there isn’t a target set for him, if it’s Mr Aigbogun, then rest assured that he has set a target for himself. I am quitely confident and expectant that we could be in for something really special this year…but make no mistakes about it gentlemen, we will have to earn every ounce of it. 

So this is my thinking, if yours differ, forward it to me and I’ll share with the “Enyimba-cybersphere”. 

Back tomorrow, 



2 thoughts on “Why Aigbogun will succeed this time around as Enyimba gaffer

  1. please @thatenyimbafan i want you to help in releasing the names and positions of all the registered players of Enyimba fc both old new players registered or to be registered for this upcoming season, please use your connections to do it for us. As an Enyimba fc fan since year 2000, and other Enyimba fans, we deserve to know our players’ names, positions,jersey numbers,etc. Just as foreign clubs’ fans can boast of their players ‘ details, we should be able to do that to Enyimba fc. We want to know our players. Don’t shift the responsibility on Enyimba media crew because to me, they are mediocre. Your blog is actually our hope of getting information on Enyimba.. We are looking up to you to get us to know our players,promise us you will do it for us.


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