Enyimba and the curse of injuries

Following yesterday’s post, I got corrected that Aigbogun 2.0 wasn’t merely playing his more preferred team, he was playing just only what he has at his disposal. We had wondered where the likes of Ibenegbu, Mfon Udoh, Anaemena etc had been. They have been sidelined by injury, all of them and much more. 

So according to my source, Ifeanyi Anaemena, Andrew Abalogu, Dare Ojo, Ikechukwu Ibenegbu, Joseph Osadiaye, Mfon Udoh, Steohen Chukwude and Mohammed Mohammed are either currently injured or severally lacking match fitness. For all the blames we haul in his direction, Paul Aigbogun hardly has sufficient amour in his arsenal to work a lot of wonders at this time. 

That said, it still doesn’t deny the fact that we have a lot of work to do on this team to ready it for the coming season. It basically was what yesterday’s blog was about, so you can head back and get a good read if you seek to know what “we have a lot of work to do on this team” means. 

Let’s hope there is a speedy recovery for those injured because the new season starts in about 3 weeks. Take off a couple of days scheduled for Christmas holidays, we are left with roughly two weeks. I’m not sure how much work the gaffer has done or what he intends to, but hope there’s a quick recovery his wards. 

Speaking of the new season, the fixtures are expected to be released sometime this morning. The initial plan was for yesterday but for some reasons (unknown to me and all of mankind), it’s been moved to this morning. So keep an eye out especially on social media to know how it would go. Hopefully we’d talk about it on the blog tomorrow. 

I also learnt that ongoing work at the stadium has topped pace. Since the State Governor provided funds for the contractor, the tractors have come alive and the owed workers can afford to smile. We are still in the dark as to how long it will take for completion. But there is life going on there at this time and that is good news. When do we return home to our stadium in Aba? Does anyone know? 

Meanwhile this is all I can share this morning. Stay blessed y’all.  

Back tomorrow, 



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