What Enyimba needs from Aigbogun and his coaching crew 

Good morning Guys,

I don’t feel happy at all. I don’t. In fact, I am fuming as I punch this away on my device. It takes a great deal to write a blog daily especially as regards Enyimba. So if you guys won’t read, what’s the point writing? If you love Enyimba, you should know this is a daily blog and you should visit daily. Few weeks ago, a number of you were asking me to get back to blogging, not showing up to read is discouraging. 

Your data is yours and what you would wanna do with your time on a daily basis is entirely up to you but come on guys, yesterday’s numbers was far too low. The title wasn’t entirely Enyimba related I know but come on guys, this is an Enyimba blog and the thoughts on here daily are always about the club. Most times. Please, don’t abandon me next time. Thank you. 

Onto other things now. The news slipped in yesterday that we have been given a by in the preliminary stage of the CAF Confederations Cup. Probably cos of our pedigree as one of the regulars in the Continent, the powers that be said: Let them sit this out and get into the action from the next stage. 

So we would wait for the winner of the Haifa of Guinea vs League winner of the Benin Premier league. My understanding is that the Benin Premier League has yet to be decided so we’d wait to see who that is. In the meantime, we’d just wait and enjoy the by we have been given. What this means of course is that the new government a.k.a Aigbogun 2.0 has quite some time to get this team all nice and ready for the inevitables ahead. 

Truth is we do have a robost squad and we should be looking to do more than just “get a Continental ticket”, we should be looking to rule the Continent again. Me thinks that by way of targets, that should be one of them for us. We should also be looking to get in the attacking systems that would work. The technical part of our game isn’t good enough yet. Our coaches really need to offer us more than just 1-0 wins. 

I know the tradition at the club is to assemble the better players out there and send them to win home games (and lose away games). At this stage and with the investment made in at the club, I think it’s about time the coaches earn their money. We can’t keep complaining that strikers don’t convert chances… what are we doing to improve them? How have we made these players better? Yes, I know the player has to earn his money by working hard but how about coaching? 

My point here is, you can look at a coach and see his signature on his team. Maybe they haven’t won the title or any major trophies but you can see progress. We see it at Akwa and I dare say, you can see what Illechukwu is doing at MFM. It doesn’t have to be attacking football- anything that produces the sort of results we want. This is the target, this should be the target. 

Back tomorrow 



3 thoughts on “What Enyimba needs from Aigbogun and his coaching crew 

  1. Quite concise and straight to the point. I think every team needs a trademark, so does Enyimba. The teams you mentioned, you can really tell and pinpoint what the coached have done with the players for real. The question is, what do the coaches at Enyimbe Ave in mind when the take on the job, just win or build something. I’ll stop here sir.

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