The debacle with FIFA and ineligible players 

Good morning Guys, 

It’s probably going to be a short one so I’ll share my thoughts real quick. 

So yesterday, news emerged that FIFA had punished Nigeria for fielding an ineligible player. This player was supposed to the suspended for the game but somehow everyone forgot and weeks after celebrating a remarkable feat of qualifying for the World Cup, we get deducted one point. Algeria getting all three points and us a fine. 

I’m not sure how this eventually got out and to be honest, that’s not the focus of this post but how have we become so lax with things that should be important. Imagine for a second that this punishment has a bearing on our World Cup plans, someone failed to do their job and the whole nation suffers for it. 

I know what you’re thinking. Only last season, Enyimba got into a similar situation with Ikechukwu Ibenegbu. He was suspended for a game and no one knew. The club was allegedly sent an email and no one could find the email. If we can do these repeatedly at the club level without any punishment, why would it be a surprise if it happens at the big stage? 

We live in a day and an age where in our country, just about anything goes. We have the wrong people in key places – people get appointments based on who they know and not based on how much they know the job. Step back a little, in fact the people hiring for those positions don’t even know what the job descriptions for those positions are. Strange country. 

We go to our clubs and it’s the same thing. The administrators don’t understand why the club needs a media officer. They don’t understand why keeping records are important. The guys employed to do these jobs are not trained for it nor are they aware of the what the job entails. We just have semi qualified people all over the place. 
Am I being pompous or “over-sabi”? No. I’m only saying everyone of us, myself inclusive needs to reject mediocrity and carry out our duties with the professionalism it demands. From our administrators to the last person on the payroll. If we don’t fix our house and ourselves, who will do same for us? 

We return to the pitch tomorrow to talk about our Super Six lessons. Have a great day everyone. 

back tomorrow. 



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