Season expectations: Aim for the stars or don’t aim at all. 

Disclaimer: This is a blog post in all senses of a blog post.

In this part of the world, everyone wants to be wished luck in everything and for everything. From wishing a happy year, month, holidays, weeks and even days, but wishes are wishes and don’t always reflect the mind of the wisher. That is why we’ve chosen to expect and not to wish a few things. We will put down all our perceived expectations and hope and pray it comes to fruition.

I love the line, “We are Enyimba” not just because we are Enyimba but for the very reason that we are not anything less than Enyimba (Thou must not be confused). With Enyimba come the loftiest of heights and second best is for anyone else but us. 

So in the question: what should be the expected targets and goals for this coming season? This is a first part. The thoughts of the true judgement of basis for success or failure of a season, we will discuss on a later date. We can state our expectations but we will take a closer look at the prevalent conditions and then write on what is the minimum results for this season to be rated a success or not. 

This season, we will be challenging on 3 fronts, the continent, the league and the cup. First, we must aim at lifting the Aiteo Cup. We’ve not won it since Aiteo came in and that’s should be the plan. It comes later in the year so concrete plans and preparations should be made towards it.

We also dreamt of the league at some point last season, dreams of lifting the league title is just synonymous to needing a glass of cold water. You never get to feel relaxed until you’ve had a glass, but a glass isn’t enough for the whole day so you quickly want another. That explains how much we need our title. Aigbogun 1.0 didn’t come close but the 2.0 upgrade should be able to fix that.

We were the last team from Nigeria to get into the group stages of the CAF Champions League. Yes, we got knocked out but at least we defeated the would-be champions. Ever since, no team from the country reached the group stages of any CAF club competition except Rivers United of last season. Judging from our pedigree, we might be drawn bye for the first preliminary rounds but that’s for more preparation. 

We must advance past the group stages next year, anything less is unacceptable. Who says we can’t go all the way to win the title? Our status in Africa is far bigger than what most people here in Nigeria can imagine but with success comes more hard work and we need to maintain that status by churning out results on the grand stage.

Aigbogun 2.0 and it’s updates should aim for laurels or don’t aim at all. Aims help you plan and when you don’t plan, failure will surprise you.

The NPFL Super Six kicks off today and we wish our team well.

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