The Arsenal of Enyimba International 

Good morning All. 

Saturday morning, so it’s gotta be a lengthy post, yea? Bunkers. Ama write what I can. You’re welcome. 

I’ll like to talk a little about our transfers today. We have been quite busy, as is our tradition of course and we have stocked up the team. We have so stockpiled the team that we are literally bursting at the seams. I can count up to eight strikers at the club now. I mean we have five senior goalkeepers at the club- how many does your favorite club in Europe have? 

We currently have four Ghanians in the team right now. Fatau Dauda (Goalkeeper), Taofik Omar (striker), Farouk Mohammed (DM) and Godfred Saka (Right Back). As at last year, it was just Dauda. But you know, he that winneth souls is wise. The seed of one Ghanian has produced a harvest of four – Hallelujah somebody? 

So the likes of Franco (who I admire a great deal by the way) should get about his soul winning responsibility as well. By the next transfer window, we should have six Togolese in the team. We are Enyimba INTERNATIONAL, and very soon, we would have players from North Korea in our ranks. No, I’m not trying to ridicule the efforts of the club- I standby whatever sincere efforts to booster our squad. I’m just you know, trying to be silly. 

We also got Austine Oladapo – a striker I am quietly beaming about for. He does look a handful as does ex-Enyimba hitman Abdulrahman Bashir who is on a second missionary journey to the club. Add those to Omar, Chinonso Okonkwo, Leonard, Ibrahim Mustapha, Obioma and Chukwude. That’s all I remember right now, I know there’s still one or two whose names lurk somewhere at the back of my mind. The burden now is how to convert these names into goals and wins. Step forward Aigbogun 2.0. 

In defence, we have a certain Governor who last season, governed his team into relegation. Let’s hope such governing don’t raise its head at Enyimba. We got a certain Benjamin Francis who plays at Left Back. He’s quite good – an upgrade on Akas. Someone I think my dear Ikouwem can learn a thing or two from. We’ve got Yinka Onaolapo from Nasarawa United on the opposite flank. Yinka is a personal friend and he will get a lot of the stick from me on this blog if he fails to live up to the billing. There’s equally a Nasiru guy from Katsina United, a left back too I believe. 

I know in my compilation of these players I probably may have left out one or two or three or six, please forgive me. I don’t work for the club. A lot of these info was gotten from certain channels. Illegitimate maybe but you can take some of it to the bank. Hopefully, the club would do a proper squad unveiling with pictures on the website so we can know these guys. 

How much can we realistically expect to achieve this coming season? What could be ascribed to as success? How about us talking about that one tomorrow? 

Done and dusted. 



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