That very strange Ezenwa signing 

Good morning Guys, 

So after yesterday’s post, someone called me Ikouwem’s father. Well, my dear wife hasn’t given birth yet. Infact, I can bet my last 5 bucks that Ikouwem won’t recognize me if I walked past him at the stadium. So, there’s no special connection whatsoever. Ever since Nzube broke my heart, I stopped reserving any special emotions  toward footballers. Nzube by the way is with Kano Pillars now. 

But then, why does writing about someone mean they paid me to do so? It tells you of the mindset and attitude of some of our journalists today. They only write about you after they’ve pocketed money from you. Funny thing is, most times it is easy to see that such post was a “sponsored post”. I have no such interests because I would love to maintain the credibility of ThatEnyimbaFan brand. 

I’ll like to say a word or two about our goalkeeping situation. We currently have 4 senior goalkeepers at the club. CHAN and World Cup bound Ikechukwu Ezenwa, who we just recently signed from FC IfeanyiUbah. Ghanian Fatau Dauda, Friday Achimugwu and Safe hands Theo. Of all four, Ezenwa is the newbie. In fact I think we got one more goalkeeper. Some Njoku fella. In all, about five of them. 

Ezenwa’s signing is weird. First, he’s going to the CHAN. Then he’s going to the World Cup in June next year. That means for a large chunk of this season, he will be unavailable. He’s also going to be one of the highest paid players at the club, and we will be paying him all that money for little or nothing. It is a signing that is indeed strange.

Throw in the fact that he is also not the best of the goalkeepers currently in the team. In fact I feel he is at the same level with Afelokhai and Dauda. And since we won’t be allowed to feature more than one goalkeeper at a time, his signing makes very little sense. If any sense at all. 

Unless of course there are fringe benefits and other reasons for which he has been signed. Some say it’s connected to the World Cup. And if that is true, it does tell so much. So much about the decision making at our club and so much about the quality of ideas we concieve daily. Are the professional clubs in Europe thinking and functioning like this? 

The unity and progress  of the squad is more vital now than anything else. I hope our reasons for hiring Ezenwa and the rest of the newbies are sincere and does not trivialize what good efforts already invested in the team.  

That’s all. I’ll be back tomorrow 



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