Let’s save Ikouwem, let’s save the Enyimba tradition. 

Good morning Everyone. 

Yesterday we talked a little about the new software installed on our Enyimba IOS – Aigbogun 2.0. Complaints regarding the 1.0 version has the fans reluctant and disenchanted with the new operating system. But I guess all our concerns can wait till we actually see this new product in use. More of the old or something new? Time will tell. 

We have been quite active in the transfer market and that has inspired my post for today. My attention is on our young prodigy, our breakthrough product from last season- Ikouwem Udoh. Several times last season, we did write about him and the fact that for the first time in like forever, we can boast of a true talent through our ranks. 

He is not the finished product, far from it but he is an exciting and proper left-back. He does have tons and tons to learn but there are hardly a lot of such talented left-backs in the country, (his tutor, Chima Akas inclusive). He has done well so far, developing himself, but he is at the level where only a good coach can move him to the next place. 

I did say there are only a handful of better left-backs at the level above where he is at the moment. So it doesn’t look very smart having him move third in line at Enyimba. The club has acquired two new left-backs and it is a concern right now that his development could be hampered. There are so much Enyimba can do with Ikouwem and the least of them is selling him for megabucks to an European club. 

Sometimes I do wonder if this new tradition of selling just one player every three years is what Enyimba wants to be known for. Shouldn’t we have a viable youth system especially with all the talents all over the town? The Etche Road field has over 20 youth clubs that train there. It’s same with most Primary schools in Aba but our administrators have no plans of harnessing this rich vein of talents to improve the club and increase revenue. 

I digress, I know. But it would be a shame if we lose a chance at what could be something special. I don’t have a personal relationship with Ikouwem and I have no plans to. But my plea is for the club to open the door to this symbiosis relationship. Get back to that tradition of raising players they can sell and players who can serve Nigeria’s youth teams. 

First of all though, they must seek and find quality coaches. Cos I’ve heard about what happens at the Enyimba feeder team. It is a disgrace. 

Back tomorrow, 



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