A blog. Yes a blog for you. 

Good morning day Everyone.

How I’ve longed to get writing again. Everyday that passes and there’s no blog, it aches my heart a great deal and I’ll like to table some explanation first. About a year ago, I traveled out of Nigeria for my Masters. This meant that I wasn’t in touch with the team as I ought. I couldn’t keep writing because I was blindsided. 

This blog should be an authority on Enyimba related affairs because of the daily visits but when I couldn’t keep providing that, I had to grind to a halt. The options were to hire someone to do the writing and I’d pay them while occasionally I’d drop in and voice my thoughts. But as ideal as that sounded, it hasn’t been an easy transition. We are on it though and I’m gonna do my best to keep at this. 

There are tons of things going on at our club. Quite alot to engage us for the next couple of weeks. First and foremost I think it’s beautiful that we were able to secure a continental ticket despite being homeless for getting to three years now. Playing in Calabar, we right about did what we were expected to do at home and we got the job done. So it’s kudos to the club and the players.

That accomplished, we now did the most Enyimba thing to do- let the coach leave while lining up no replacement for him. Ogunbote moved to Rangers while Imama who I thought we should have contacted long before now signed for El-Kanemi Warriors. I’ve got my thoughts on that decision and hopefully I’ll share them in a later post. 

When it appeared like we were out of options, we went back and rehired Paul Aigbogun. If you followed this blog in those troubled months of his previous reign, we did our best to lend him support regardless of how awful things were then and trust me, they really were bad. And following how bad things were that season, you could understand the reluctance to accept another Aigbogun tenure. Well guys, he’s back and we are stuck with him and we have to live with it. 

I think Mr Paul Aigbogun is a very lucky man. He has what no other coach may ever experience. He now has an opportunity to show us his true colors and eventually win us all over. It’s not really a difficult ask. Just win ALL your home games and get a coupe of points on the road and you will win the title. That’s pretty much it, isn’t it? We can’t make excuses with the “playing away from Aba” situation because Ogunbote lived above it. Time to see what Aigbogun 2.0 looks like. 

We also do have Continental assignments which means a lot of football talk to keep us all happy and blogging all season long. A part of me wants to be optimistic about this season. Like something really good is gonna happen but you know, it’s only a part of me and it could be the same part that tells me to go visit my mum’s pot of stew back when I was little. But it could equally be the other one too – you know, the good one. We shall find out as the season rolls on. 

Assuredly I say unto you, I’ll be back tomorrow. 



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