Could we get the Prodigal son back home? 

The temptation was to continue from where we left off yesterday, talking about Rangers who have become victims of their own success. The LMC hammer has come on the Enugu based club with sanctions and punishments for the club Secretary and chairman, Christian Chukwu. The details are on the LMC social media platforms – check for yourself. It however leaves me with the conclusion – one major problem in Nigeria is that we have a lot of square pegs in round holes. 

Today’s thoughts aren’t on Rangers – it’s a waste of breath and this is not because of my likeness for Imama. This is an Enyimba blog and keeping our thoughts here firmly on Enyimba today would help immensely. I’ll like to mention though that we have a big announcement to make in the coming days – we are working tirelessly to alter a couple of things and hopefully by the start of the new week, we should be all set. The guys involved are staying awake night and day. Yeah, Right. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about our prodigal son. The one who left his father’s house to go flirt with the riches and the Oil of the Rivers. I’m talking Nzube Anaezemba. I’ve not hidden my admiration for the diminutive midfielder over the years and while I write this, I’ll also like to point out that I’m not privy to circumstances or agreements in place while he left but having been deemed surplus to requirements at Rivers United, can he do a Chinonso Okonkwo and return? 

Whatever is happening at Rivers United and why Nzube doesn’t play anymore is anyone’s guess. A shrewd manager looking for what will work would readily refresh his mind on how the early season successes came about. Nzube was instrumental to United’s good early season form. Now he doesn’t even see games nor does he even see the bench. He’s rarely appreciated for his worth – and let’s be honest, it’s not just Nzube that has found himself shunted out of the team.

Perhaps we can work toward bringing him back at the club. Let’s think about it – Ibenegbu has been amazing this season. He already is an early runner for Enyimba’s player of the season for me, but we know how badly we struggle when he is not there. Oladapo, as good as he can be, hasn’t really challenged Ibenegbu in the attacking midfielder role and the new guy Franco had barely even seen action. Does the club have as much patience as he seemingly requires? Time will tell. 

Nzube however looks a good fit for the role. I’ve not spoken with him nor is this post a platform for people to pay for soliciting their case, I’m just thinking of what can improve in our team technically. It would be sad if we are seeing Nzube in the same light that the folks at Rivers United are seeing him now. I, for one, don’t believe his career is on the decline or is over and I hope we can make a move to bring him back at the club. It would be shame if he turns the new Abdulrahman Bashir. 

I’m not sure what the terms of Nzube leaving the club was, nor do I know if he burnt his bridges with Enyimba. But if he can be gotten back, please we need to get the process in motion. The experience, quality and connection to the club is there – if he can be, let’s get him back home. I know he would argue that his home is Ondo State where his family lives and where he started out his football career but Nzube and Enyimba are a union made in the skies. 

That’s all for today guys. We are in Ibadan for the big one on Sunday. 

Enjoy your weekend guys. Back tomorrow with that preview. 



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