We could try something different

I wasn’t sure I would be back on the blog after yesterday’s post. I literally poured out my heart and if you’re a regular on this site, you know we don’t propagate our club as perfect and the rest as devils. We hit hard at our club Enyimba often- the players, management and technical crew when the need for it arises. It is not our nature to look the other way when the club goofs. 

One of the reasons why we proudly keep this blog running is that there is no hidden undertone or what you may refer to as the puppet of the club- the hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob thing. We don’t use this as a platform to receive money from the club while propagating their message. And let me also announce that AT NO TIME HAS THE CLUB APPROACHED US FOR THIS REASON. Just so we are clear. 

Today’s thoughts however is inspired by the young man we brought in in mid-season. He’s called Franco and according to what we have heard so far, he is a creative/attacking midfielder. I did think he would get a starting berth with Ibenegbu suspended at the weekend but no he only got a rare appearance on the bench. I think he was brought on late in the second half but he didn’t make the impact we wanted. 

Someday we will understand how signings are made at the club. Before I go on, I must say, there have been some good ones nonetheless. You look at guys like Nelson Ogbonnaya, Ibrahim Mustapha, Stanley Dimgba and Fatau Dauda as some of the better signings this season. There have been some others too who haven’t really impressed as much. Perhaps due to a lack of game time by the manager. 

You can also perhaps make excuses for a lack of use by the manager on these players who have barely played well for us. There is what you can term a natural pressure on Enyimba hence the margin for error is little. So if these guys are far from convincing in training then most likely they won’t get the nod. But then, if the average home game is hardly a place for such experiments, how about the away games? 

Let’s say you have an way game where chances are that you would lose, whatever stops the gaffer from trying out something different? Ibenegbu for instance can’t be deployed in every away game- why not try out his “synonyms” in such grounds? I feel Franco is probably a better Ibenegbu than Oladapo, so why not start him? Why do we not even try to play a 4-5-1 or a 4-4-1-1 away from home? 

Why play two strikers who won’t get the balls anyway? We have some good ball playing midfielders, why not deploy them to soak up the pressure and see if we can hit on the break? 4-4-2 we play all the time can’t always work. Okpako, Kester, Ichull, Dare, Oladapo, Ibenegbu, Franco – we inarguably have the best midfield. Isn’t it time we did something with it? 

Maybe we can’t experiment at home, but we can on a ground where we have very little chance of a point. Isn’t it time we tried something different?

Back tomorrow, 



2 thoughts on “We could try something different

  1. True Blood talk Mr Sam Rio Nnaji MO. Aside from that point, the gaffer needs to see this.

    Moreover, let’s say that this piece gets to the gaffer to give us a lecture response next weekend.

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  2. We can always try a new formation. Also, Franco needs some game time. I still don’t rate Oladapo. If I’ve money, I’ll even pay you to maintain this. You’re going a great job.


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