Don’t let this result bother you, this is how we are going to win the League

Breaking News Guys: The Sky is Blue. After the outrage against Enyimba “the big teams” which spanned all through last week, you would expect that all the “saints” crying wolf wouldn’t meddle with foul means to get the three points. Sorry guys, the leopard won’t wash off its spots. Can’t actually. The noise is died down now and shockingly no one is saying what they should. 

Match Day 29 offered us no points. I’ll leave our hosts to savor their victory however way it came. It would be nice to see match videos when it is possible to. I did see Tornadoes match winning penalty in Lokoja. Well done guys. Just remembered that this is that time of the season when teams who are not even good enough to win before their own fans want to get Continental tickets which they would of course throw away unspectacularly in North Africa. 

When we write and rant and wonder how our teams fail to do well in the Continent, we fail to point out what we know is the problem in the League. Coaching is non-existent, referees decide outcomes, Ogas behind the seats determine who gets Continental tickets. The players themselves just show up knowing that on away turf, the referee could just pull a rabbit out of the hat. And at home, regardless of how badly they play, they’re still gonna win the game. 

Someday we will become ready. That day isn’t here yet. That’s why nobody takes us seriously, not even we ourselves. Otherwise why justify the fact that teams rarely take records and stars of their own team. Last week, it was Enyimba claiming they didn’t know their player was supposed to be suspended. We adore the European leagues – but no one asks, how are they this good and celebrated? No one asks why our League games aren’t even on TV anymore. 

Most of us started following the League because we want to promote and support our own thing. Today we look back and we wonder if the efforts are even worth it. This is why players and other such League personnel jump ship at the slightest chance of something better. Our referees are not even recognized in Africa and when one of them manages to get a posting, it is celebrated in the same manner as the homecoming of the prodigal son. 

You think the powers that be are even bothered? These are individuals who happily stayed on as chairmen of clubs and not bothered that their teams are playing in empty match venues. As long as the government kept releasing funds. They’ll pay salaries they wish to and pocket the ones they feel like.  These are guys who cannot even attract half a sponsor to their football clubs. They want to play in the Continent and sadly can’t even live long enough in the competition to arrive at the lucrative stages.  

One day we would have a League, but until then, let’s keep enduring enjoying the sham we currently have. 


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