The Ibenegbu verdict: The reaction 

Today’s post had to be about the Tornadoes incident and the verdict that came yesterday. The info is out there on social media and on the LMC website – so no point copying and pasting. Today however I want to express my thoughts on the verdict among other things. I speak as a fan of Enyimba and a lover of the League as well. 

First of all, I think we dodged a bullet there. We literally escaped the mouth of the lions. Unless of course the rule says a club cannot be held accountable if they are unaware of their player’s suspension, Enyimba can count themselves extremely lucky right there. The saving grace is the fact that the club feigns ignorance – but in more organized climes, Enyimba should be punished because it is your duty to ensure your players don’t play when they shouldn’t. 

I did mention on the blog yesterday that Tornadoes introduced the word “intentional” and according to the verdict, that was what saved us. I guess the visiting club is expected to remind their hosts of the suspensions they have perhaps at the Prematch meeting. Sounds very odd to me but perhaps that’s how it works in the Nigerian League. Bottom line however is that we somehow escaped this. So care must be taken to avoid a repeat. 

That said, I would like to respond a little bit to a Tornadoes supporter. It would be funny really hoping for three goals and three points from a game where you only just turned your buttocks and got flogged. Let’s say you put up a fight and nearly got a draw or you conceded a late winner, it can be understandable. But for a game where you offered next to nothing? What boldness would you even have asking for the spoils? Think about it. 

We know that winning at home at this stage of the season is almost guaranteed (such is the nature of our game), so with or without Ibenegbu, we could have still gotten our win. Hold on, I’m not making excuses for us but I’m just saying, don’t try to reap where you sowed nothing. Moreover it’s not like you’re chasing the title or something. 

It is also funny hearing one of the fans saying he has lost faith in the LMC. Please nicely answer- How many games did you rob your opponents last season courtesy of a non existent penalty? How many referees got suspended after officiating a game in Lokoja because of a poor showing? How many penalties were you awarded last season? 12. You got awarded 12 penalties at home last season. Most of them match winners. Think on these before you go a ranting. Like they say, “He who comes into equity must come with clean hands”. 

That said, Enyimba still goofed big time on Sunday. But I’ve addressed that in yesterday’s post. 

That’s all of today, I’ll return tomorrow 



2 thoughts on “The Ibenegbu verdict: The reaction 

  1. Lucky Enyimba. This is a loophole the LMC needs to fix going into the next season. It doesn’t tell good of our league. Teams should be reminding other teams of who is eligible or not.

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