It was really nice doing business with you

I really do feel naughty right now so maybe I’ll taunt Tornadoes a little bit. Before I go on, I’ll like to say, don’t read this post if you haven’t read my blogposts from earlier today and yesterday. It’s common practice for people to make their judgments without getting their facts straight. So please, read through those first before you go on.

That said, I’ll really like to laugh a little bit at Tornadoes. I remember vividly playing them in Lokoja last season. That game, we fielded Musa Najare and Alloy Brown as our strikers. And yea, it was my first game as an Enyimba official (I resigned at the end of the season for those who are unaware). 

After the first half and it looked like we wouldn’t be getting a win in the game, Coach Aigbogun instructed the team to go all defensive for a point and defensive we went. They toiled in a bid to get a result but we held firm. They weren’t playing particularly well because they were barely threatening. Afelokhai barely had a save to make. 

With that not working, they decided to work some magic. Some player hauled a throw into the box and a Tornadoes player fell face down into the area like he was shot from behind. There was no Enyimba player anywhere close to him. But the referee pointed to the spot. Pandemonium broke. 

The Enyimba bench reacted. The Enyimba Masseur took laws into his hands and flew into the pitch. He walked up to the referee to confront him. It was later said that he hit or slapped the referee or something. I didn’t see it because so much was happening at the same time. Maybe he did because the club later released a statement distancing itself from his actions and he would later get a ban till the end of the year and Dare who also got involved somehow got a three match ban as well. 

When calm was restored, Tornadoes took their spotkick and that was it. I never felt more annoyed in a football game as I did that day. I think the referee was reported and probably suspended again (the game was his comeback game from suspension after his poor officiating in Sunshine vs Enyimba in Akure). I couldn’t write my official match report. Everyone was distraught. There were even whispers that Enyimba was going to pull out of the League on account of perceived injustices. 

I always felt someday Tornadoes will get served their own dose of football injustice someday. And this verdict, as much as I’ve criticized it, feels like it has just done that. In all honesty, they can have absolutely no complaints. For a side that got 12 spot kicks in 19 home games last season with just one point on the road – away at Kano Pillars on the last day of the season, here’s to you, enjoy your precious three points on the road that never came. 

DISCLAIMER: No animals were killed in the production of this movie. 


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