#Nnewi4CHAN and CHAN qualifiers 

I didn’t put a post earlier today and that was because I didn’t want to talk about what I’m about to talk now. Sadly though, I’m right at this subject because now I feel pushed to talk about it. Out of a respect for some of my “professional collegues”, I tried to ignore this sudden call for the CHAN Qualifiers to be played at Nnewi. Then a post surfaced on it. So why not we talk about it? 

First and foremost, I admire Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah. He is a very successful businessman and a philanthropist. There are thousands, (more than what social media can effectively advertise) who have been helped immensely by his generosity. I’ll also point out that it will be utter foolishness for me to claim I know all he has done because I don’t. But ask anyone from Nnewi. He is revered. In these days when people stay greedy, amassing wealth for themselves and their loved ones, he has taken to an exception and what a blessing he is. 

His club itself, FC IfeanyiUbah has quickly risen up as one of the biggest in the country. Whatever player can be acquired, he has gone the extra mile to acquire such. Remember, he went beyond these shores to bring Brazil playing and coaching personnel to grace our League. I love Alberico Da Silva. He reminds me of Robin Van Persie. No they don’t play in the same positions, but they both possess a wicked left foot and I’ve seen a number of world class goals. Yea, world class goals. I enjoyed watching him. Is he still there? I don’t know. And there’s also the West Ham connection. 

Aside just being a great blessing to people individually, he has helped the greater society at large. Maybe I don’t have the full list of his past, recent, ongoing and future investments, but the fact that after a decade in oblivion, he has not only been able to get the NPFL back to his people, he is constructing an edifice- type of which I haven’t seen anywhere in this country. Someone quoted $8billion (or million, I’m not sure) somewhere and while I haven’t handled such money before, it could be worth it, maybe. 

You won’t understand the magnitude of it till you get to Nnewi. It is a facility that will (at the least and based on my own calculations) provide enough employment opportunity to no fewer than 500 people. That means 500 humans in Nnewi and its environs will have a steady and monthly income coming into their homes. Not just handouts but funds earned, and an opportunity to serve the locality. This is unprecedented. I salute you Dr Ifeanyi Ubah. May your fountains never run dry. Amen.

Finally onto the CHAN matters. It is premature for that stadium to host the Super Eagles at this time. Why? It is still very much a work in progress. Yes, it hosted the CAFCC game a few months ago and it has superb VIP but my question is, why the hurry? Look at the Uyo Stadium, it is ready to host anything and everything now. Because the locals waited till they can flaunt it in its glory and they did. Step into that facility and you would be a killjoy not to agree. Same can’t be said of the IfeanyiUbah stadium at this time.

The FC IfeanyiUbah stadium will be an undisputed choice for several competitions both local and International in the very near future so why finish the meat stock before the soup is ready? To me, this current trend is uncalled for as it is very untimely. And worse off, the corresponding insults and counter insults on social media is simply sheer stupidity. The mere fact that this facility is being upgraded everyday is hope for the locals – it will be a venue for more than just qualifiers for the home based Super Eagles, it must be one of the venues for hosting the Nations Cup, when we do. 

This is my personal, unbiased view, the final buck of course doesn’t rest with me. 

Back tomorrow with Enyimba stuff. 



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