Whats happening with our prodigy?

Good morning All, 

It’s a very brief one here today because I don’t feel 100%. Work demands yesterday was quite heavy on me and my body craves some rest. Every sinew said not to even come on the blog today- but it’s dawned on me that I’ve run out of excuses to give myself as to why the day had no blogpost. 

Thoughts this morning is on Ikouwem our young left back who made a bright start to us at the start of the career. He played in a few games in those early days and he hardly out a foot wrong. Of course we know the key left back is Chima Akas and to be honest, he offers more than just defending at left back. He’s a threat via set pieces and it’s not an ability you’ll overlook.  

Akas’ experience and attacking potential means he cannot be overlooked for the nod especially in the away games where a well taken set piece can fetch us a point or three. It’s same as back home. A couple of weeks ago when the strikers weren’t firing well, Akas remained in the lineups as goals were expected from every angle they came from. 

The danger however is that we are most likely stagnating Ukouwem’s development and match experience. This was to be his breakthrough year but he nowadays is just the seventh name on the bench. I don’t think that is okay. Ikouwem was good enough for a couple of games at the start of the season- what has gone so bad that he doesn’t even get a look in. 

I think it’s about time we got him back to some action. Perhaps a couple of home games where he can express himself much better. I’m looking at a player who could become a legend at the club if he gets the chance to. I don’t know if the club’s management enjoys spending money, buying players most of who they don’t get to use. 

Ikouwem has the ability to be one of the best in this country in his position. And while it could take a long time arriving there, we must also be sure that we are not getting in the way of his development. I’ll say, play him in the for starts. 

That’s all I can share today. 

Back tomorrow, 



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