What shall we do with our sister, she has no breasts…

First of all, I’ll like to say this is not a guest post. This post was written by yours truly, the one who’s always here every morning. The title of course was pulled directly from the Holy Bible –

“We have a little sister, And she has no breasts. What shall we do for our sister In the day when she is spoken for?” Song of Solomon‬ ‭8:8‬. 

Ok, so how does this relate to Enyimba? Read on.

We lost 1-0 to Akwa United on Sunday. That’s no longer news, but what the majority of Enyimba fans are unaware of is that this scoreline greatly flattered us. It could have been worse- I mean we are looking at a pummeling that could have gotten to 4 or 5 goals. And oh we did have chances of our own – according to the club official handle but it would have been foolhardy to think we would have left Uyo with any kind of point. We were that bad. 

Yes, we were that bad. Very bad. If you see the highlights which I shared on our Twitter handle @EnyimbaEnyi, you would wonder why Akwa United gives us too much respect. They tend to fidget when they want to play us whereas they are clearly a superior ball playing side. Yes I said so- they look a side with an idea of how football should be played and results gotten. 

And before you throw me that “it’s only a regular away game lost” line, look at that video and see how we were all over the place. We were second to every ball and there were gaps everywhere. We were setup wrongly. Like my friend pointed out to me, You cannot counter a team that plays with three midfielders with two midfielders and you want to manmark. It’s impossible – isn’t that simple Math? 

On this blog, we have clamored for a change in tactic when we play away from home. Even Jose Mourihno twitches his side when away from home. He seeks to pack the bus and play on the break. That might have worked in Uyo – if we lasted halftime without conceding then they would get frustrated. 

But what did we do? We opened ourselves and chance after chance the traffic kept moving in our direction. We left gaps everywhere and Dare Ojo was the lone man in midfield with Ibenegbu who I don’t think is the best we can give the responsibility of harrying and hassling Makaiba’s athletes. We had no use for 2 strikers with a wide open midfield. Where was Lordson Ichull? Where was Solomon Okpako? 

The whole pre-game hype was, beat Akwa and we are guaranteed a good shot at the Continental places. We wanted it but we didn’t show that we did. This got me thinking long and deep at the quality of coaching we have in our league- think a little about the carnival at the Yakubu Gowon last Sunday. Player-studded Rivers United are in the CAF Confederations Cup group stages yet there’s no defined system of play- the coaching crew still unaware of her best team.

Our teams do whatever they can (foul means included) to land in the Continent. Then when they get there, they show their level of competency. I want Enyimba to get in the Continent next season but I’ll be silly expecting that we would be winning it or anything like that. Better organized teams from better organized leagues will knock us out of it – there’s no arguing it. You don’t need to think too far to remember – that’s exactly what happened last year.

What shall we do with our sister, she’s got no breasts. What shall we do with our League, it’s been ruined by abysmal  coaching and poor club administration. How many players have actually improved significantly playing under our coaches? Meanwhile, you can count the number of coaches who actually know their stuff and believe me, it’s a very short list. One of them is not even employed right now. 

Let’s say Plateau United, MFM and El-Kanemi Warriors make it to the Continent next season. Help me finish the thought…

What shall we do with our League? And guess what, I’ve not even come to the referees yet. 

That’s all for today. Sorry it’s a very lengthy post –

Back tomorrow and lest I forget, Happy Birthday Safe Hands Theo.  



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