Akwa United vs Enyimba Preview: Akwa United is in Cloud 9 and deservedly so

Many Nigerians claim there has been no positive change, no improvements in their lives. I agree. It is true, for many, things have rarely gotten any better. But, same can’t be said of the Akwa United fan. Akwa United fans are having the time of their lives – it’s simply unprecedented and while others in the country wail, they should be the ones comforting others. 

Why? You’d ask. Oh, I’ll explain. You see, usually, at this time of the year, Akwa United fans usually flood their various churches on Sundays. You’ll see them, on their knees, with arms outstretched and eyes tightly shut in heartfelt supplications to God, praying to survive another now annual relegation battle. Somehow God always heard them.

This year though, there’s a different feel to this time of the year. They must be wondering what is missing in their lives right now. “Something isn’t just quite right”, I can’t imagine them ask themselves in hushed tones. Yea fellas, this season, there’s no relegation nightmares. There’s no danger whatsoever. And there is a guarantee that you will be in the Championship next season. Congratulations! I can’t even imagine your joy. 

Coach Abdu Makaiba was unveiled by Akwa United as Enyimba made a late rush to acquire his services at the end of last season. I learnt he was first choice to replace Aigbogun but Akwa was faster. So we moved to the second on the list. Ogunbote joined us, the Makaiba project began in Uyo. After a series of false starts, the former classroom teacher was able to get his squad playing like he wanted them to. 

The governor and the club chairman weeded off the chaff responsible  for the club’s stagnation. The gaffer was given freedom to install his operating system software and his machine is running nicely. They’ve got a game in hand, they are a place below us on the log and there is growing belief that they have a real shot at the title. Do you bet against Akwa getting an away win again this season? They nearly did in midweek. 

You wanna compare Enyimba and Akwa United? You’re looking at two teams that look headed in two different directions. They have the manager we wanted. They have a football edifice we wish we have a half of. The gaffer has free hand to determine his team and acquire any player he wants, select any eleven he needs for any game. Honestly, we can’t say same for ourselves. 

So while this should be a preview for the Akwa United vs Enyimba game, I’d say our good old history and tag of the being best run club in this country and the most successful will not last forever. What is happening in Uyo is proof it won’t. Teams like Akwa United are indeed headed in the right direction. Admitting it won’t deny me my Sunday rice and stew just before the 4pm kickoff. 

Well done Akwa United, you are a team headed for great things – just hand us the three points today and the whole world will be happy. Thanks and God bless.

Enjoy the game everyone. 

Back tomorrow, 



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