About time we told ourselves what needs to be

Good morning Guys and welcome to the month of July 

Feels like yesterday but the year looks racing to its end. And like I say whenever I write posts at this time of the year, the best time to start out those projects and plans you have always had is right away. Because in about the same time between January 1st and now, 2017 will be gone for good and you will be left with wishing you started earlier. 

I’m gonna try to keep this blog today simple and short as much as I can, reason being that it is silly dwelling on a thought I’ve shared in the past, over and over. Today’s post is directed to players, journalists, OAPs and everyone else who wishes to make significant progress in their chosen careers. It is a principle that will bring you benefit both now and in the future. 

Every employer (club or organization you work for) only has you in their books because of the value you’re adding to them. The moment you get stagnant and stop adding value to them, you become expendable. Perhaps you’re a footballer and your Uncle is the chairman of the club, or maybe you’re an OAP and your godfather owns the station. So you feel you can’t lose your place. My dear friend, please don’t kid yourself. 

Every organism starts dying the minute they start becoming stagnant. Maybe as a footballer, back in the day, you would wake up early to train because you desired to become a professional footballer. Now Enyimba or Kano Pillars have signed you and you have arrived. So you’re resting on your laurels now and that gives you license to lose sight of where you wanna be and in addition, you are now partying every other week. 

I’ve got news for you- a Biblical verse talking about Samson says, ““So he awoke from his sleep, and said, “I will go out as before, at other times, and shake myself free!” But he did not know that the LORD had departed from him.” Judges 19:20. Samson didn’t know he was now running on empty cylinders. He has become an empty barrel. He had lost his vision and that had cost him his calling and ultimately his life. 

Today I want to provoke you to ask yourself if you still have the vision of where you’re headed to in life. Perhaps you are okay being the best defender in Enyimba- you know also that teams in Africa and Europe can pay better. You can get National call ups, you can play in the biggest clubs, you can improve and break free from your current level and reach out to the higher level for your life. 

Make a personal commitment not to settle, because God has more for your life. You’re an OAP in a very dynamic sports industry – can you add more skills to yourself, that presents you as a person of much more value? What do you do with your time? Are you preparing for your future? Funnily enough, without the training, you don’t deserve your dream future. 

Are you satisfied with what you are right now? If there’s a sudden turn of events, will you still be standing? If not, ask yourself – What are the things holding me back? What adjustments do I need to make? What more disciplines and skills do I need to imbibe? What is lacking in my game? What is stopping me? 

It’s really your choice ultimately but this being the start of a new month, and it won’t be a bad idea to evaluate where you are and to the needful. If you want to get into the next divinely scheduled season of your life. 

That’s the blog for today –  guess it wasn’t that short after all. I’m sorry. 

Happy New Month. 

Back tomorrow with the match preview for the Akwa United vs Enyimba game. 



One thought on “About time we told ourselves what needs to be

  1. Thanks you so much for these words of wisdom and knowledge. It really entered the skin to touch my soul over a mountain more to go in other to reach that pick I have wished to. May God bless you the more for these words in Jesus name Amen.


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