Well, here is what happened in Lafia on Sunday

Yesterday’s blog, yeah? Interesting reactions. Both on Facebook, on the blog, on Twitter and other media outlets. The sun has already gone down, so my anger is all gone now. But I did locate an independent observer who was at the game on Sunday. He gives his account of what went down at the Lafia Stadium on Sunday. Be the judge, y’all. 


What happened at half time? 

1. So the first half ends and the fans immediately besiege the entrance to the dressing room, trying to gain access to the referees. The police have to physically restrain them and all. There is literally no way through that gate for anyone to pass.

2. This goes on for a couple of minutes. When the Enyimba coach sees how it is going, rather than waste further time, he orders his players to the side of the pitch and they sit on the floor. He conducts his team talk. 

3. Fearful for their safety (and probably on advice from the security operatives), the referees remain out on the pitch.

4. Some minutes later, the Nasarawa players come, and the crowd manages to clear and allow them through. Things then quiet down. 

5. But the referees still (wisely) don’t go. They remain on the pitch all through the halftime break. Enyimba coach and his team too remain on the pitch. Because he has already started his team talk, he remains where they are and finish it.

That’s what happened at half time. Simply.

How about the 3 penalty calls alledged by Nasarawa? 

No, there weren’t 3 clear penalty calls in the first half. I dare them to produce videos of such. There was only one contentious call. Sadly, there are no video replays in our league, so to even say it was “clear” is highly subjective. 

The Nasarawa striker made his way to the box, Enyimba defender, I think it was Gbadebo that brought him down. It looked like the bringing down was on the line to me, and the referee gave a free kick. Mind you, it was on the far side from the VIP stand, so no one can claim there was a clear view at all. 

Was it a penalty? I don’t think so. I think the Freekick the referee awarded was the right call. The fact that a player falls in the box does not mean the contact was made in the box.


Thank you for speaking with ThatEnyimbaFan. 

Finally, Nasarawa claimed nothing happened and this is part of a quote from them (The full thing can be found here) “the security personnel were all there too so I see no reason why anybody will descend on his players. The decision got everybody surprised but in truth the center referee caused EVERYTHING, his officiating on Sunday was way below average”.

So my Question is: what does EVERYTHING in the statement above mean? Educate me, people who know. 

That’s all. 

Back tomorrow, 



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