Nasarawa United? Shame on you!!!

Part 1

It would be a very fat lie (you know, bursting at the seams kind of fat? Yeah, right) if I told you is had expected any kind of result in Lafia yesterday. I knew it was one of those games where we could as well have failed to honour the game because getting any kind of point there was going to be impossible. Such was my faithlessness. 

And when the lineups was released, it looked like we were going ultra defensive. Ichull, Dare and Ibenegbu in midfield, Mfon, Mustapha and Dimgba the more offensive minded players with the back five as Dauda, Akas, Onamado, Ogbonnaya and Gbadebo Samson. The later just reminded me- he with Ichull and Leonard in the bench were ex-Nasarawa. 

The reunion would be complete with Abdulrahman Bashir and Thomas Zenke, former Enyimba players now playing for the “enemy”. More on Bashir later. We had injury concerns at the back – our solid looking Center Back partnership was depleted and Gbadebo was drafted in to pair Ogbonnaya with Anaemena missing out.

We got off to a flier or so it seemed cos the first ten minutes we did play with intent. A couple of chances in which we could’ve taken the lead but we failed to. Nasarawa then took over and for the most of the half it was a one team playing and the other defending. Then came the moment right at the stroke of halftime when we went close at the other end but our skippers effort couldn’t beat their goalie. 

Part 2 

Nasarawa United then showed the world why it is a big mistake that they are referred to as a professional football club. Their fans thugs ensured that neither the visiting team nor the match officials could access the dressing room at half time. Ogunbote and his boys had halftime right at the substitutes bench. My first reaction to Nasarawa’s stupidity is to ask if this is how they are treated when they play away from home. 

I remember a game in Uyo in which I was the LMC Match Delegate and I saw this same Nasarawa United make trouble with Akwa United, accusing them of switching off the floodlights and ensuring they didn’t train for their fixture the following evening. Truth was, the Akwa Ibom State government was owing the contractors and they did not even let the home side, Akwa United to even train. Yet these rascals made trouble that day cos of it. 

Now they show their nobility by locking out the visiting team and match officials from accessing their dressing room at the break. Hang your heads out in shame everyone of you. Everyone that represents Nasarawa United- you are a shame to football. When you ended Pillars and Sunshine’s unbeaten runs, nobody locked you outside. I’ll repeat, you are a disgrace to the game. 

You’ve got your three points but how ironic that on a day the world celebrates Fathers Day, you failed to even show any sign of manhood about yourselves. Make it to the Continent again if you can, it is guaranteed that you won’t even play more than a game – just like the last time. 

One more time, shame! 

Again, Shame! 

Again, Shame!!

Again, Shame!!!

I feel lighter now. 

Back tomorrow, 



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