Enyimba’s Future: what we must do right now

Writing a blog when feeling heartbroken isn’t something I enjoy doing. I always feel it would make me communicate the heartache I feel indirectly to my audience and that’s not a nice way to start out someone’s day. Just before you ask, the heartbreak is not “girl-related”- it is primarily due to the horrors ongoing in our world daily. Y’all hearing of the terrorists attacks in several countries daily and the kidnappings in our country. 

 There’s political unrest and uncertainties in most countries but worst off for me is how young people today are embracing all kinds of evil and crime. A guy killed his girlfriend because of a comment her ex made on her social media account. These things break my heart. If you didn’t know it, I’ll help announce to you- these are the very last days for man on earth. Get your life fixed with God. 

From an Enyimba standpoint, things are getting busier and rosier a little bit. We have put together an impressive run and although we have slipped down to fourth- as Lobi edged Rivers United yesterday, but we still remain five points off the leading pack. What a grandstand finish this title race is looking. 

Today’s thoughts however is on the need for the club to build on the current good feeling around the club now as a bid to heal the past and launch into our next level. Today we have a decent manager who looks like he knows his stuff, the fans are believing in the team again and for some time we can boast of something close to a decent squad.  

We had a lot of chopping and grafting last season and indeed at the start of the year but Ogunbote has concluded the experiments and he looks like he has us going in the right direction. So, we must build on this. We can’t afford to let the season end and we are signing 16 new players. We cannot afford to bring in players who look we have no plans for – players who we sign and then start wondering how they will fit into the squad. 

This is why I think Ogunbote has to be given a new contract before this season ends. We all know he signed for just one year at the start of the season and I believe the squad can perform even better with him at the helm. There’s a quiet confidence about the team and clearly the boys want to play for him. And if the season ends with him realizing he will stay for yet another year or more, he can adequately plan for a proper title challenge. A new manager simply means starting out this work all over. 

We do have a good number of promising players in the key positions and playing together under the gaffer’s tutorage will only help the squad. We could use some stability. We can’t get into the Champions League hoping the new players/coach will have benefited from a crash course on understanding each other. The days for major surgery should be behind us – our attention has to be on strengthening the squad rather than bringing in a fresh load of players and a new manager. 

We are getting out of the mire caused by the mistakes of the recent past and hopefully our stadium will be all set very soon.  We can take off from here with dreams of ruling the NPFL and making inroads in the Continent but all of that rests with keeping the squad together and retaining the manager. 

Back tomorrow with a Fathers Day special Match Preview



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