Dare Ojo is back and other stories

The dust has settled in the debate as to whether or not we are Nigeria’s biggest club or we are living in the past glories. Whichever side of the fence you choose, you may not be wrong. I think we are both Nigeria’s biggest club and yes, we are also living in past glories in certain respects. Best in the country yes but also 24th in Africa.   

It’s not really a bid to have a go at the suits in the boardroom for the way the club is being run but we can expect more because we know the management has set the dyke so high that we know they are capable of more. If your son comes home from school with a report card showing he was the worst student in the class, what will make you offended is the fact that you know he/she is capable of more. 

Well, a lot is going on, especially with the weekend games on the horizon- let’s attack the ones we can. First up, defender/midfielder Dare Ojo has recovered from the injury that has seen us play two different players in that right back position. He is quoted on goal.com –

“I have been out for quite some time due to a hamstring injury I sustained. I am grateful to God that I am recovering fast and will soon return to first team training sessions. I have missed the game for the few periods I have stayed out but I am coming back with a bang,” 

“It was nice watching my team win and this has improved our position on the league table. We are going to continue to do our best knowing that it is only this that can deliver us a continental ticket at the end of the season.”

What eventually happens is anyone’s guess but it should give us a picture of what the technical crew think of new signing Goodluck Onamado and his performances in the recent past games. Has he done enough to keep Dare on the bench? Or will the midfielder get slotted back at the position? We shall see. 

The other piece of news is the Enyimba Whatsapp group I’ve taken charge of. I put up a post on Facebook, asking that people texted me at a particular number and I’ll add them. Yet some folks now went dropping their numbers on that post expecting me to copy and paste. I don’t even think they deserve a reply. 

The goal is to see how to get fans stay in touch with “goings on” at the club. And to mobilize when it is needed to ensure we don’t have a repeat of what happened during the Wonder Goal poll where we couldn’t get striker Ugochukwu Leonard 50 votes. It was shameful to say the least. 

That’s all I can muster this morning, 

Back tomorrow



One thought on “Dare Ojo is back and other stories

  1. Thanks for creativity, passion to innovate and push up motivation even when we are down. Let the name of legacy be renewed because we are not going to be Champions forever if we don’t strive for more. Get my point in terms of management styles,youth team structure, media modernification etc.

    Talks partaining to the whatsapp group, this is wonderful. That’s a step and strategy to win VAT Wonder Goal award.
    Thanks to God almighty for the grace of quick recovery. God bless enyimba, Good bless BIG SAM RIO NNAJI. THE BOSS


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