The Warriors for dinner  

Yesterday was weird. Strange. Very strange. Not only the 2-0 pummeling of the Super Eagles in Uyo. On a personal note, it was just one of those days where not a lot of things took the ideal turn. An online exam I attempted posted a horribly poor result. My favorite couple got involved in a nasty fight and the lady says she done for good. And although I made 20,000 easy money, the sad events of the day have my mind all clouded. 

But a new day is a fresh opportunity to have a go at it all again. Like a fresh page flipped from the previous one to attempt to start writing again. Sometimes I wish this was a non Enyimba blog where I can just talk about other stuff aside football. Football kinda sucks right now especially with the shameful performance in Uyo yesterday. The boys felt- all we need do is to turn up and BANG we get the three points. 

But great and experienced teams don’t make such blunders. They don’t show up for a Nations Cup Qualifier playing that haggard. The banter is officially over- South Africa, our wife is now the former wife. A side that has never beaten us in a football game finally did it and guess what, they beat us at our place. I didn’t get on this blog to wail about the Super Europe Benchwarmers Eagles. So I’m done. 

Enyimba has a chance to brighten our moods with a derby win today. Abia Warriors are our guests and its interesting that in seven league meetings we have beaten them just twice. Call them our bogey team and you may not be wrong. They are a side that just lifts their game when they are facing us. I’ll throw in one uncomfortable stat – we have never beaten them on a live TV game. 

Today’s game is live on TV with SuperSport making a return to the NPFL. And ours is the game chosen at random. It’s a good thing that all Enyimba fans have the opportunity to see the team. But unless we are all set to break that frightening record in the last paragraph, fans will only be witnessing the disaster from their living rooms.

If we ever needed any motivation, three points today can take us second on the table. This of course is baring any wins by the guys on top of us on the pile. For several weeks we have imagined and wished a Continental place for the team- a win in Calabar makes it much more viable. Yes, the season is still long and far but Enyimba rarely capitulates when they are ahead of the rest of the teams.  

I am not sure this is the kind of match preview you expected coming here this morning but I hope that with these few points of mine, I have convinced you all that we need to turn up in a superlative performance to get a result in Calabar. 

This is all my mind can out together at this time. Enjoy the game wherever you are watching from. 

Back tomorrow 



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