A couple of Enyimba transfers we didn’t know about

A couple of days ago on the blog we talked and wondered why Ogunbote would deploy Andrew Abalogu at Right Back, a player we all knew had always (and still is, I believe) been a winger. I do remember a game three seasons ago where our front four was Abdulrahman Bashir, Sibi Gwar, Andrew Abalogu and Mfon Udoh. That day, we took Lobi Stars to the cleaners in Aba. 

The second part of the paragraph above was obviously digressing from my initial thought. The purpose was to let you picture and enjoy the memories from that game – if you do have such memories. If you don’t, it’s still okay. That quartet was quite frequent in Zachary Baraje’s Enyimba. Oh well, Baraje wasn’t quite a pleasurable regime but this game in question was. That game ended 3-0. 

Back to the initial thought- Abalogu at Right Back. And we asked why we hadn’t featured either of Robert Egbeta or Suswan Terma in the position as they well, are better suited there. Those questions were squashed by the revelation a few days ago that the two players have indeed left the club. So the gaffer can’t play them in the position because they have left the club. Why have they left? It just didn’t work out. 

Similarly, we have also parted ways with striker Ismaila Gata. That one hit me on a more personal note because I did have a thing for the player. “Did” because he’s no longer with us. I wish him all the best in his career but I may not be checking the goal scorers chart looking for his name. Why? Cos he has left us. Why did he leave? I don’t know, he just asked to leave. He however does leave with one goal against his name. 

Then of course there’s Adebogun Omotayo who signed with Shooting Stars. Chances were far and in between for the attacker and that probably influenced his move. Quoted on a website as saying “I can’t wait for the second stanza to begin because I’m thirsty for action”.  He didn’t really do a lot for us and I think it’s a good thing that the manager isn’t afraid of dropping “his” players if they don’t fit into his current plans. He was at Giwa with the gaffer then. 

On new acquisitions, we know of Ichull and Franco the Ghanian. Both of who have made their respective bows for us. We also saw newest signing Goodluck Onamado who I knew from his days as captain of Warri Wolves. He had a brief and unsuccessful stint at FC IfeanyiUbah. Hardly a long term plan because at 29, he may not have a lot of years ahead of him playing for us. Stopgap but serious plans must be made by the club for an “Ikouwem-like” solution on the right.  

That’s the transfer gists I’m accessible to right now. There are others surely, but we pray that the club and her media team eventually agree in the near future to 1. Get a website, and 2. Get more public with transfers. That’s what other professional football clubs do. All other the world. 

Back tomorrow, 



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