Stadium and Quizzes and a promise of things to come 

I saw a very disturbing stat from one of the NPFL statistics Twitter handles. Either @npflstats or @optaNGR not sure which but it did say that Enyimba is the least goalscoring team of the top six teams in the Champsionship right now. That means the likes of Plateau United and El-Kanemi Warriors have scored more goals than we have. I don’t know about you but for me, this isn’t a good stat. 

So I set out on an inquiry as to why goals have been hard to come by for us. I spoke with two of the more knowledgeable folks both in the League and in the football platform. They gave their views and it’s quite some post. Incidentally, that post will come at the weekend. Saturday most likely. I know you all love Saturday morning posts. So that’s what you get. 

In the meantime, it crossed my mind that we have not given the result of the poll we had the last time with which we sought to garner votes for Ugochukwu Leonard and the wonder goal nomination. We asked which Enyimba player was the last to win it and in what fixture. And we did have one correct answer. 

Yea, the LMC calls it the inaugural Wonder Goal competition but it didn’t really start last month. Especially if we consider the continual use of the term “Wonder Goal”. When Hon. Irabor was the LMC President, he started out the Wonder Goal awards and while it didn’t really last for very long, it was beneficial and one of our players won it. 

That player is Rasheed Olabiyi and he scored that goal in the 3-3 draw with the small boys in Umuahia Abia Warriors. It was one of the games that denied us the title in that season but it lived up to its billing as the most exciting Derby in the League. So yea, Rasheed Olabiyi won it in the 2014/2015 League season. 

Finally for today, news emerged a few days ago that we are eight weeks away from returning to the Aba Stadium. A part of me wants to jump up in celebration. But the other part says, “Haven’t we been here before?”. What makes this set of promises more concrete than the ones we have heard all since the start of the season last year? There’s really no point getting excited. Until the first match day in the new Aba stadium. 

That’s really all I can serve today. 

Have yourselves a very productive Tuesday.

Back tomorrow, 



5 thoughts on “Stadium and Quizzes and a promise of things to come 

  1. Unofficial disclaimer: the 8 weeks meant 8 weeks of 7 football days. This translates to 56 football days. 56 NPFL matchdays. 1 season and 18 matchdays. One and half season. One and half years. December 2018.


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