Plateau United preview: Tabletoppers in town

Good day Guys. 

We face Plateau United this evening and well there’s never a game as “must-win” as this. I know such things get players stuffed with pressure but isn’t pressure a part of football? Today’s match preview is miles later than should’ve. Surely not unconnected with the dastardly acts in London last night. Sometimes I wish God isn’t as merciful as he is and that his judgment is sooner. 

Earlier in the week, the gaffer said this game this evening isn’t just about winning, it is about winning well. Great. But while that would be most welcome, I’m more concerned with the three points. It would be awesome the boys ran out the blocks on hyper intense mode, with raves and raves of attack and of course goals. Most welcome. If only wishes were horses.

Plateau are top of the pile and they have not attained that by wishful thinking. They did with determined and consistent performances. They have earned points at very tough away grounds and they would be in Calabar relishing the roosters of beating Enyimba in a near empty stadium. 

If we ever wanted to show we mean business with our Continental ideas and pursuits, well, here is the chance. Right from the go- take nothing for granted and recognize how dangerous this particular opponent really is. If any motivation is necessary- think of the 3-1 bashing in Jos at the start of the season. That’s if revenge works it for you. 

It does appear though that the players are aware of this. Kester spoke earlier in the week as well. 

On the prospect of revenge after losing in Jos earlier in the season.

Really, it is not about revenge. It is just about us getting the three points, and gradually getting to our target, which is to win the league at the end of the season. 

Just how impressive were Plateau United back in January?

I think they are a good side, with some good players. But, on our part, that was the third or fourth game of the season, and we were still trying to get used to each other—there was a bit of chopping and changing within the team.

On the mood in camp

The mentality is simple: we have to win. I think we started the second half [of the season] very well, even though we lost in Akure. It is a game we could have won by more than two goals. So, we still have the same mentality, and the same target, which is to win the game.

Can we say good bye to the title if we fail to win on Sunday?

It is difficult [to say]. But I think yes, because any points dropped at home…and with the way Plateau United are playing, they’ve been picking up points, even in away games. So I think, if we don’t win on Sunday, the prospect is low. It’s a must-win.

Must win it is then. Let’s do it guys. 

Regular updates from the right quarters. 

Come on you Elephant. 



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