A look away from football and to other issues

Except the fact that newly acquired midfielder Ichull Lordson fell in the bathroom and has a cut on his face that may just delay his debut for us, there doesn’t seem to be a lot going on the Enyimbasphere. And for this cause, I’ll like to talk a little bit about what is a very sensitive topic in our country right now. That’s right, Biafra. 

Yesterday was about remembering the folks that died in the fight for Biafra. Many died. There was untold hardship and suffering by all those who lived through it. I wasn’t born then and I can’t even claim I know what it was like. But the pictures and the stories tell all that needs to be. Call it the darkest moments of our history and you are right.

Someday perhaps Biafra could be a reality. But that’s not what this post is about. What is it about? It is about ensuring that whether or not if happens, we will not be among the same mistakes all over. Just give me a second and read on. 

The biggest problem we face isn’t as much as whether is an Hausa man or Yoruba ruling Nigeria at the moment. The biggest problem is that we have had corrupt leaders. Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Efik, Ibibio etc. Look at Abia State for instance. How many systems and structures within Abia State work? Look. Who is owing staff salaries? Buhari? Doesn’t feel so. Abia State has been ruled for the past 16 years by men who can’t even boast of anything they fixed. 

Look at our roads. Look at our institutions. How much does the State universities and Polytechnics accept as school fees? How much is levied on market men and women? How about the guys wearing uniforms stopping car owners on the road? Keke Napep riders, how much do they pay daily, what about Security, electricity, basic amenities. Yes, there are things the Federal Government must provide but there also are things solely the responsibility of the State and local governments. 

And no, it’s not an Abia State thing. It’s in every State and every local government area in this country. We have leaders who can’t be held accountable. Funds are generated within the State, levies are taken every other day yet no one tells what happens with them. It’s happening in virtually every State in this country. We have representatives, senators, from our Geo political zones none of which seems aware of what he was voted for.

So I ask, if or rather, when Biafra happens, where would we find leaders who are accountable and who will truly serve in honesty and selflessness? Every other time we have elected 419ers, drug barons and convicted criminals as our leaders, how can we even assume they will better our lot? 

We should learn from the past. The sacrifice that our fathers who fought in the civil war made shouldn’t result ultimately in getting us back to where we currently are. As Biafra is been touted here and there, let’s trust that the more important virtues are promoted and campaigned for. Otherwise, we will land ourselves right back at where we wished we aren’t. 

Football matters from tomorrow, I promise. 



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