D stands for Defence

The dust settles on our weekend disappointment as we look forward to what’s next up…a dance in the rain with Kennedy Boboye’s Plateau United. It’s still a bit far off, with the fixture coming in at the weekend but what a game that should serve up. They’re three points clear at the summit of the League and for us that three points is nonnegotiable. More of that in the days ahead. 

Today though thoughts are on a different department of the team- the defence. Already we saw Andrew Abalogu play at Right Back and like Nnanna Kalu pointed out in his Twitter post yesterday, it surely leaves us wondering why the likes of Egbeta and Suswan signed earlier in the season have not had their ride there in Dare Ojo’s absence. Talk for another day. 

Today’s searchlight is beaming directly on our Central defence. Most successful teams usually have a first eleven that is fairly predictable. There could be slight changes in personnel here and there but surely not in the heart of the defence. Udoji and Emma Anyanwu were some of the foremost names on our team sheets in seasons past and with them we achieved some impressive defensive stability. 

It hasn’t quite been the same this season. Probably because we brought in three out of the five guys we have right now capable of playing there. Ifeanyi Anaemena and Uche John (a.k.a Missing in Action) were the guys who had been here for a bit before the likes of Nelson Ogbonnaya appeared from Heartland and Samson Gbadebo jetted in (No proof of this) from Nasarawa United. 

Then of course there is Isiaka Oladuntoye who came in from Sunshine Stars. All very decent defenders in my opinion but has anyone of them made a case for themselves as stalwart or reliable? Like what you can term “first name on the sheet”? Perhaps individually, they have been ok but center back positions is about partnerships. And it does seem that at this stage, we probably are unsure of what our best center back partnerships. 

Who is our best defender? I’ve got no clues. Nor can I make the bold call of what the best pair is. Perhaps no one cares about all of this but such pairing will surely minimize mistakes in defence and goals conceded. Winning teams find a way to hurt the opposition infront of goal but they must also protect their own goal from taking fire. 

With the leadership on the pitch (especially in defence) almost nonexistent, we would be remain what we currently are – an easy side to breach in our games, home or away. You only need to watch the highlights of the Remo Stars game to see how we just about escaped. Time after time the bottom placed side went behind our defence, good thing for us, Dauda was on song. 

It’s about time we made strong decisions about our defence especially if we are looking to land in those enviable spots. 

That’s all for today guys,

Back tomorrow 




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