The NPFL Football club I don’t like

ThatEnyimbaFan 2.0 version doesn’t greet anyone unlike his predecessor. He would rather just delve into whatever he wants to say and let’s it all out. Hope we are all getting used to him. We need to because it looks unlikely that things would change. But what does it matter? What counts is that he gets the job done and there’s a post every morning and everyone is happy. Add that to the fact that his regime is at the time where the club now supplies regular match updates. Hurray!

Today, it’s just a few lines about Sunshine Stars who we face this weekend. There are a few football clubs I like. I like Kano Pillars. I like Akwa United. I like Abia Warriors. I like 3SC. But I think that’s where the likeness stops. There are others I feel nothing, good or bad for. Rivers United, Gombe United, Rangers, MFM, ABS. There are others I just don’t like and top of that list is Sunshine Stars. Then there’s Lobi, El-Kanemi Warriors, Nasarawa United, Wikki Tourists. Forget about the ones who didn’t make my list. It’s mine, go get yours. 

I don’t like Sunshine Stars. Why? I’ll give you a little picture just 2 years old, you can relate with this, our newer fans. We were chasing a title. From nowhere they appeared, looking like the real deal. They came to Aba, we set about spanking them 3-0 before Tunde Adeniji gets a goal that keeps them ahead of us on the table. The next season, they come to Port Harcourt and despite our dominance, and Ifeanyi Onuigbo hitting the upright from a spotkick, they annoyingly leave with a point. 

Earlier we had gone to play them at their place. The referee messed the game up. We got about 6 yellow cards, 5 of them for dissent. Make of that what you may. Maybe it’s all circumstantial and the club didn’t really do anything to get in my bad books but like Mario, “Why always you guys?” Why are you always at the right wrong place and time to get me seething after a game with you guys? 

Funnily enough, one of my closest friends (in the Nigerian football setting) hails from the Sunshine State and I hope he doesn’t see this post but I mean, they’ve hardly done anything to get my affection. Look at Kano Pillars for instance, they’ve caused pain in the past but they equally handed us a beautiful double post the day after we beat them in Kano last season. Add that to the number of friends and ex players we currently have there, you can chill and have a bottle with a few guys in yellow. 

The beef with Nasarawa United isn’t far away from the heartbreak in Ibadan last year when they humbled us in the Federations Cup to go play another side I don’t like (FC IfeanyiUbah) in the finals. That’s an unforgivable sin right now. Someday you may atone but till that happens, you’re in ThatEnyimbaFan’s little black book. A black book that no one has ever seen. 

Anyway, Sunshine Stars are the hosts this weekend and they will be reeling from last weekend’s home defeat to Lobi Stars. I hope they have another off weekend yet again so we can land ourselves in the choice Continental spots. And if as a fan, you don’t dream of beating a team you dislike infront of their fans, surely you’re in the wrong sport. 

That’s that for today guys. The results from yesterday’s quiz is ready. Poll closes tomorrow so the results will be announced after its closed. And more importantly, If you haven’t, please, be a true fan and go and vote for Ugochukwu Leonard. It’s free to vote. Biko. 

Back tomorrow, 



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