Wonder goal, wonder goals

Before you descend on me and lash out at me for not blogging yesterday, check again to see if we really did put out a blog post yesterday. We did. We didn’t share it on the Facebook groups and that was because we had an early start yesterday and we couldn’t do much before other things signaled our attention. 

Again add to the fact that the theme is somewhat sensitive, we didn’t want to get people who thought they had a good performance in the Continent to feel disappointed. So we kept the blog strictly here, just so only the more devote ThatEnyimbaFan disciples know of it. Well, that’s that for that. If you feel offended from that post, I apologize for how you feel. 

Today’s theme is on the VAT wonder goal nominations that has seen our striker Ugochukwu Leonard (aka Okechukwu Leonard) get nominated courtesy of his match winning strike against Remo Stars last Sunday. You can see the match highlights here and if you listen to the commentary, you can locate which of the efforts was the goal Leonard scored.Very horrible editing by those responsible. There wasn’t even a replay of the goal. 

Well, it would be a good thing for us if our striker wins. So we better get out there and vote for him. The prize money is One hundred and fifty thousand Naira, half of which is expected to be given out to charity. So let’s make it happen. To vote, please get on the LMC website and vote for him. It’s one of those moments in football where it is much more glory for the player than for the team but it’s still better it comes home than goes elsewhere. 

So what’s in it for the fans? There is something but it is dependent upon Leonard winning. You’ll just have to answer a simple question. 

1. Which Enyimba player last won the wonder goal award, 

2. What fixture was that and 

3. What was the final score of that game

Get the right answer and I’ll have 1 gig of data for you. Network of your choice. 1 gig is too small ba? Our sponsors them still dey sleep. They go soon wake. 

So guys, let’s do this for Leonard and if you have the right answer to the question, let’s hear it. Remember you’re sending your answers to ThatEnyimbaFan@gmail.com 

That’s it for today, we have some early thoughts on the weekend game tomorrow morning.

Till then, 



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