Some rant on Rivers United yesterday

I’m gonna try to keep this simple and very short. Not because I’m not in the writing mood but because the subject matter isn’t really any of my business. But if you look on a grander scale, it does concern me because well, its involving an NPFL team and our Continental possibilities.

So I watched Rivers United and FUS Rabat slug it at the Yakubu Gowon Stadium yesterday. Fair play to the lads who delivered a three points when it looked more likely like it would end in a stalemate. Champions stuff, yea? The only difference is that 4 consecutive 1-0 wins cant just be coincidence. 

I’m not going to criticize or crown Eguma clueless cos I don’t even have the jurisdiction to do so but I’m gonna ask- Do our teams even get to plan for the opposition? Pinpoint the danger men and set themselves up to nullify his/their threat? I’ve always wondered if our local coaches have game plans for games.

Or its just a question of just picking the lads who impressed in training. “He scored in training all week, so his luck should shine during the game.” Is that so? Nzube Anaezemba suddenly feels non existent name despite being one of the standout performers for the previous stages. What follows? Will he leave? The coaches don’t mind. With the midfielder gone. A new shinny one is waiting in the flanks.

Would you blame him? 

Our coaches need to stop embarrassing themselves. For long periods of the game yesterday, the visitors were in control and we looked out of sorts. I know someone would think I’m being bitter or jealous. I’m only saying…lets demand more from our coaches. Perhaps this will make for better and easier football teams especially in the League and in the development of genuine young footballers.

I promise to keep it short. I hope that made sense to you.


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